Tuesday , November 24 2020

“Those who no longer feel like members of Forza Italia can leave” – ​​Libero Quotidiano

Silvio Berlusconi is still the hottest political topic in the last few hours, even if it breaks with Matteo Salvini she appears to have already returned after a clarified phone call. According to the report Messengerhowever, at the summit organized by Cav on Friday evening, November 20, with Forza Italia managers and big city coordinators to go to the polls in the spring, new details emerged. On this occasion, Berlusconi re-launched the party challenge within the center-right, which may have been exaggerated when he stated that the goal is to return to the top of the most voted in two years. Then, with great seriousness, Cav addressed a real warning to the sailors: “I’m going on a voyage – these are the words that Messenger properties of Berlusconi – those who do not feel part of this project can also leave“. Strong statements by a man at a political sunset, probably disappointed by three parliamentarians (especially Ravetto) who moved to the league: in short, without turning too much, Cav would make it clear to his parliamentarians that those who do not share his position he will not regret anyone, but will replace him with fresh energies and new faces.

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