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The Iliad invaded an ultra-concert. Sea of ​​offers


Iliad and an ultra-gig-invasion

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Iliad and an ultra-concert invasion. We have always analyzed Iliada, its offers, its news. But also the effect that the Iliad brought to the Italian mobile market. This summer in 2019, about a year after the explosive first appearance of the leader of Benedetta Levi, we are witnessing very interesting phenomena.

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Until just over a year ago, it was almost impossible to find deals with such large temples, except by turning to a business segment.

Today, the phone also offers packages of 50 gigabytes (just like the infamous Iliad tariff, the most "long-lived" operator). And if 50 gigabytes is a practical standard, there are managers who are trying to raise the bar. With plans that can obviously represent a valid alternative, even at home.

With over 50 gigabytes, it's obvious that it's easy to navigate with home appliances. It is also possible to use streaming television in a modest way.

After the arrival of Iliad, there is a full template. Offers

An ultra-gig was invaded. Because Iliada proposed her bid with 50 GIGs included in 4G, it was a genuine invasion by other operators who until then had offered up to 30 Giga offers.

At the moment, in addition to the Iliad's commercial proposal, Kena Mobile and Ho Mobile also offer excellent offers with 50 Giga included and unlimited calls for large fixed monthly costs.

In addition, there are always bids for operators in return and operational attack, but in these cases, they are always time-limited and only for a particular group of customers. But is there currently any offer available that can exceed 50 Giga?

It seemed impossible, and instead, the offer exists and comes from Tim, Wind and 3 Italia.

As far as TIM is concerned, a new line is underway today Tim Advance which is divided into three options: from 40, 50 and even 100 Giga per month, the latter has quite high costs or 49.99 € per month and includes unlimited calls, super fast Internet connection and other services.

Wind, on the other hand, offers an offer with a feature of the phone, which costs 11.99 euros a month and adds a monthly cost to the selected smartphone, which includes an initial prepayment.

The offer includes 60 Giga Internet in 4G, unlimited calls to everyone with a one-time activation of 10 euros. Current account or credit card charges, as regards telephone installments, are charged instead to the remaining loan.

An advance payment is required and the payment is divided into 30 monthly installments. The offer is intended for new customers who want to change operators and switch to Wind.

Free telephone services are included, except in some special cases, SMS MyWind and SMS returns.

Let's go instead to the Tre Italia offer, which has a monthly cost of 11.99 EUR and consists of 60 Giga mobile internet in 4G, unlimited calls to all 200 text messages. The activation fee is free, and at the time of purchase, the cost to be paid is EUR 20. Sims delivery to your home is also free.

The offer includes an immediate Grande Cinema 3 card, which has 2 entries for the cinema at a price of one every day from Monday to Sunday, a selection from various related cinemas. Simply download the My3 app and select a movie and a room and pay with a card that is a ticket.

The offer has no contractual obligations, so you can cancel or change your carrier at any time and charge the remaining loan. Navigate through the LTE network with the 4G LTE option.

Additional services, such as answering machine, SMS retrieval and I have been looking for you, so pay attention to their use.

I would say that this offer of Tre is really interesting, without being distracted by the wind, which is a bit more complicated due to the possibility of phone, restrictions, meals, prepayments.

In addition to presenting the offers we occasionally make, alternatives to the Iliad, we are interested in your opinion on one aspect: is today the connection with the mobile phone a valid alternative to the home network? How many of you work without a fixed link with generous offers from mobile operators?

Please comment below and use the appropriate space. For today at everything is.

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