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The European launch of Redmi 7A is one step away and its price will allow you to jump to the table (updated)


Redmi 7A was introduced in China almost two months ago and came to Europe for several weeks. Now, it's just that a few days It separates us from European marketing devices initial level Xiaomi. It will be very cheap for us too.

China's starting price, which is equal to € 70, was a long hope, but we know that price increases are always unknown and it was not obvious that Xiaomi Italia decided to super aggressive European price. And instead, according to very informed leakster Roland Quandt, the wishes of those looking for a smartphone with cheap price and discrete technical specifications will soon be met.

The starting price would actually be only 99 € for version equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, while those who wanted to get their hands on the version of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory he will obviously have to pay 119 €. And these are the price prices that will soon be able to change the time, which makes Redmi 7A a good deal. Tell the truth, you have already identified some of the aunts they would give as a gift, spend a little money and make a big impression, right?


A few hours away from the indiscretion he will see Redmi 7A now very close to European marketing, from Twitter, a message arrives to enter the device catalog in an unknown European online store.

As you can see on the screens we show you in the gallery, the selling prices are exactly the same as those transmitted by Roland Quandt, so it's increasingly likely that we will begin with 99 € for the base version, to climb to 119 € for the most equipped. We hope that we do not expect price increases in Italy, but even if it were, I could not be great and then I would do it street price repair everything in a few weeks.

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