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In the US, they are called "Escape band", resistant calls that the antibiotic can not beat. Every year, 33,000 people are living in Europe infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. And a third of these deaths occur in Italy. "Weight" is comparable to the combination of influenza, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS. This is an alarm which was launched by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) study, published on "Infectious Diseases Lancet"estimating the burden of five different types of infections caused by "super-morphological bacteria" in the European Union and the European Economic Area (a total of 670,000 cases), based on the Ears-Net data of the European Antimicrobial Control Network in 2015.

The deadly price of these diseases is paid several times children under the age of one and older "over 65 years" and their weight is higher, derived from the study, in Italy and Greece. In our country there are actually 10,762 deaths due to this (over 200,000 cases) recorded each year one third of everything. In Greece it is much less: 1.626 of about 18,500 cases. The study estimates that overall 75% of infections are related to the health environment and that 39% is due to bacterial infections resistant to the latest generation of antibiotics, such as carbapenems and colistin. And when these drugs are no longer effective, it is very difficult or in many cases it is impossible to cure infections.

Forecasts of the World Health Organization

The authors state that " estimated load of resistant bacterial infections Antibiotics are important in comparison with other infectious diseases and have been increasing since 2007. Strategies for preventing and managing this phenomenon require coordination at European and global level. However, our study has shown that the situation is is very different from one country to another, with the emphasis on the need for prevention and control strategies tailored to the needs of each country ".

The World Health Organization (WHO) actually states that it will be from 2050 onwards "superbugs" will be responsible for at least 10 million annual deaths is becoming the leading cause of death in the world.

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