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some scenes were cut out. The editor speaks


3Raffaella Mennoia talks about the island of Temptation

The island of temptation He came back and did it with a bang. A reality show is an undisputed champion of games. From the first episode to the fifth program, more than 3 million and half million viewers were included in the program, with a share of over 23%. Real success, which is now confirmed as a public success. Talk about a reality show in an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano, was Raffaella Mennoia. Woman, author Temptation Island in Men and Women, revealed some details about the transfer. Mennoia explained this year's choices as to how they were selected:

"There is no exact formula, they simply convinced me of the story of dynamics and stories. When you notice a couple on the audition, except for listening to them, think of a building that does not know in which direction their path will go. Among them there must be a life that convinces you, I am an average viewer. Finally, I choose the one I like the most and would like to see it in the program.

We decided to take the year off and not let the couples from the classical throne cooperate. On the front side we had a good time with Ida and Riccard, as well as with Sossi and Ursula, I must say that David and Cristina chose for their dynamics. They would have been cooperating regardless of the television history. "

But that's not all because the author also revealed some details about what was being broadcast. Raffaella Mennoia stated that he cut down some scenes and avoided the transfer. But why and what scenes were cut off? Let's take a closer look.


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