Scudetto, Callejon does not give up: «Fabián Ruiz is very strong»


This has not yet reached the start of this season, but José Callejon again became Carlo Ancelotti again this year between Naples's basic dogs. "Victory in Genoa is worth more than three simple points, the return of playing with this rain was heavy and every reaction was important. We all believe in Scudetto, we've been talking about this for years, but we have to keep our feet on the ground. all we have and see how it will end, the season is still long, "Radio Kiss Kiss said.

He has a long experience in blue. "When I came here with Benitez, I was happy with the choice, these years passed quickly, the Neapolitans always felt at home," said the Spanish. Ancelotti is a calm coach, has experience and knows how to give the best to everyone in every game I do not know if PSG was the best game against PSG, but I felt good, we all worked well and got a great spot. "The original discourse now looks at the turning point of the plant. "We are still there, although it will be difficult to finish in the first place, so we have to win with Red Star, and then we will see. In the second round, we have all very strong teams, but first consider the group".

And the goal that does not come is not a problem. "My wife also repeats me, but I feel comfortable, football is like that and the goal will come," Callejon said. "Fabián is a very strong player, but he has to work well to the end. Go to the national team will not be easy, but it will have a chance. With Insigne is a wonderful feeling, I understand when I want to give the right ball but I do not reveal our secrets," he joked. "Lorenzo is playing around the neck this year and has excellent quality, knows how to achieve and always gives us a great deal of hand. We are a closely connected group, together we are also out of the field and many players who have been together for many years. The team is always worth more than single. Dream for the year 2019? Winning Scudetta can be one of the dreams I will take with me. "



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