Rozzano, after a fight for a dog, old old man: arrested


He stabbed a 75-year-old man who had besieged him because he suddenly fired the dog. Carabinieri was arrested for 64 years for trying to kill him. The epic event happened yesterday, about 12 years old, in the small park Rozzano in Milan. The injured person was taken to the Humanitas Clinic, where he is currently hospitalized in serious, but not life-threatening conditions.

A dispute in the park

The attacker was in the park through Pereghetto when he turned to a small town, who first tried to open it and showed him a knife. The owner of the animal called him back, who got the answer with very abrasive tones. The scene testifies to an old man who had his animal on the string. Between two, the verbal conflict is immediately degenerated. The 64-year-old pushed him to the ground and hit him with a blow. The 75-year-old got up and answered his fist. Then he was wounded with a knife in his back. Shortly after the carabiner arrived, a woman warned. Soldiers Rozzan then arrested an attacker who did not have time to disappear. A resident has a precedent for stalking against a former partner.

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