Thursday , March 4 2021

Replica Amici, the first episode, is seen online on and on La 5 television

He returned to television, especially on Canale 5, which was held in Talent Maria De Filippi, friends, who has excelled in the past 18 years on the lists of Italian television programs. It is a form that buzzes musical talents annually, some of which are the protagonists of successful events such as the Sanremo Festival, as well as dancers and dancers who often find space in the same school. That said, those who did not follow today's appointment will be able to review the first episode of replication streaming, but also on television in clear. [VIDEO]

Where can you see the first episode of Amity 18: online talent on WittyTV

Go to the details, the first episode Friends 2018 can be seen in online replication directly on the WittyTv portal, an Internet site that allows users to access an appropriate application that can be downloaded for free to smartphones and tablets for free.

Those who choose to download an application to the phone WittyTv, you can follow the current episode of the talent, as well as all the others transmitted by Mediaset [VIDEO] in the coming weeks. It does not end here, since the first episode of Amici 18 can be seen in replication on television. Yes, as with other programs, La5 allows users to have a free viewing experience: in this case, the appointment is for Sunday 18 at 18.50.

During the first meeting with the Maria De Filippi program, several competitors performed. The first place at the school tables was won by Giordana for singing, Miguel for dance, and finally Tiš in singing, which is also Professor Stash and Alex Britti this year.

Friends Maria De Filippi return to television

In addition to the stands of the three artists mentioned above, nine others will have to be assigned to the guys in the game who stay in the 16th.

In the Canale 5 program, the old Mediaset network expert, Alessandro Casillo, who was publicly known for taking part in the talent, led by Gerry Scotti Io Canto, also returned. Obviously there is much to wait to understand how the new professors will behave Alex Britti and Stash, along with veterans.

In today's episode Friends of Mary De Filippi, the talent was able to celebrate his eighteenth birthday, became more famous with a small video message, in which all the previous winners of the program wanted new competitors to re-search their ways: a video on the social pages of WittyTv.

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