PS5: Luminous Productions, Square Enix Team, works on the game for the new console


Tokoro Tomohiro, the leading art model for 3D characters in Light productions, subsidiary Trg Enix which was built to carry out the project Final Fantasy XV and related titles, he mentioned PlayStation 5 within its curriculum.

In the portfolio reported by LinkedIn, Tokoro actually mentions "New AAA title for PS5"among the ongoing projects and one of the first times when the new Sony console is explicitly referred to as the subject of work in progress, although the issue is still very unclear, Luminous Productions recently represented the main reorganization within Square Enix, which also led to the removal (or a breakdown that is difficult to pinpoint) Hajime Tabata, the cancellation of the final Fantasy XV DLC scheduled for 2019 (except episode Episode Ardyn), and the use of the new projects inside the publisher.

One of them could be such a mysterious address SS5, apparently something big, which is a triple A. Among the new things, we also notice the "New Mobile Address for China", which at that time is interested in us much less.


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