Property: "No results have become difficult"


ROMA – "We had a good game against Portugal; unfortunately, we missed the goal, and both of the examples I had had not been exploited in the best way. We must go ahead, even if it has become difficult to achieve it, but I have wide shoulders to move forward and look to the future with a positive". Ciro Immobile back to draw during Italy in Portugal, Challenge of the National League, which lasted last night at San Siro. "I am calm, I know what is worth, I show it with this Lazio, and only touches it to prove this with the national team. Blue attackers do not tag? We are striving to criticize the law, as it boasts. The team plays well and I'm more concerned when there are opportunities that we can not build. The next time it will be better"The year after Italy played in San Siro in Sweden"we feel better, we played well in the last three games – continue Immobile – With the trainer we perform a good job, the group has confidence, we must collect only the amount we are working on the field. This is somewhat similar to the attack, but it is important that it will not be in the B series in the League of Nations. Agreement with insigne? It works, we share loads before a qualification group Europeans. The coach cooperates with his excellent staff, but now you only get a little more with a little luck"(in collaboration with Italpress)

Mario Rui: "Congratulations to Italy, Insigne and Yorginh …"


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