Novi Ligure – Closed Perignotti, a decision that was announced at a meeting with the Piedmont trade unions


The logo of the company, located on the skyscraper of Novi Ligure

The logo of the company, located on the skyscraper of Novi Ligure

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Novi Ligure – a decision that was in the air, but ultimately hoped that this was not the case. Instead, today, at the meeting that was convened in the Confindustry of Alessandria, what novices besides trade unions and workers would never want to hear. Pernigotti, a historic confectionery company, one of the symbols of the industrial level Novi Ligure, is closed. The company's announcement announced this. Mobilization of the city has already begun, which does not lose us the legacy of history and tradition.

Tomorrow I will be in charge of trade unions and workers in front of the factory entrances and a meeting between the trade unions and the mayor of the New, Rocchino Mliere must confront the new crisis that followed Ilvi. In this case, maneuvers for maneuvers appear not to be true. It seems that the fate of the factory, which now has 50 employees directly in production and about 200 commercial products, is now labeled.

If Avenue Memorial factory in Novi which has given work to the generations of novels and glittering in the same city, will be closed, and the brand should remain, but it is likely that production will be transmitted to the rest of the world.

In fear of dinner, the unions emphasized this many productions have already been transferred to Turkey and that in the ice cream sector, there was also a decrease in production, of which Pernigotti was always heading. Workers' representatives expected a recovery plan after losing 13 million lost in the last five years. And instead, the decision is completely opposite to the sign. Cold shower at the factory New. It's actually frozen.

Farewell to more than 150 years of history
The history of the company begins in 1860 when Stefano Pernigotti opens on the market in Novi Ligure, specializing in "drugs and colonial" and is already known from the beginning for the production of valuable nugates. In 1868, following the increasing recognition of products in the store, Stefano decided to set up a company of twenty-five with his son Francesco: On June 1, 1868 he was officially born, with a capital of six thousand lire, "Stefano Pernigotti & Figlio", a food company specializing in the production of confectionery.

In 1919, Paolo Pernigotti replaced Father Francesco at the helm of the company. But the date that may indicate the confectionery history of the company is 1927, the year in which he first started the industrial production of gianduiotta, the most noble and recognized Italian chocolate, officially born in Turin in 1865 and named after Gianduia, the famous mask of the Piedmont Carnival.

In 1935, Paolo was Pernigotti is bought by Enea Sperlari. In 1936, Paolo began a new production, which is preparations for ice cream, which is still one of the strengths of the company. In 1944, the bombing destroyed the factory, which was restored and transferred to the former military warehouses of Viale della Rimembranza, which are now closed.

Paolo Pernigotti, son of Stefan Pernigoti, took over Paolo in the sixties in 1971 he bought Streglio, specializing in cocoa products. At the age of eighty, there was a crisis that would lead to the sale of Sperlari in 1981 to US companies H.J. Heinz.

In 1995, Stefano Pernigotti left without heirs the disappearance of two young children in a car accident in Uruguay in July 1980, he decided to sell the historic novelty brand to the Averna family, known for its success in the alcoholic beverage sector. In 2000 he sold Streglia to his nephew.

July 11, 2013 The family is sold by the Averna family for the Turkish group belonging to the Toksöz family, which deals with confectionery, pharmaceuticals and energy.

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