Monday , January 25 2021

Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con gliding question, the official answer from Nintendo

Question Joy-s floating for Nintendo switch, appeared as an expanded problem for the console and also the protagonist of the class action, and now with the first t official comment author Nintendo.

In fact, this is actually a non-response to the company, because it does not enter the subject and is limited to proposing an exceptional solution. unclear. Asked about the matter by Kotaku, the Nintendo representative said: "In Nintendo, we are very proud to create quality products and implement t continuous improvements to them. We are aware of various reports about Joy-Con, who do not respond properly at controls. We want users to have fun with the Nintendo Switch and if anything hampers this goal, we're always encouraged to visit the official support site so you can help. "

Here's the official answer, for now, from Nintendo: visit support on Of course, we doubt that this will satisfy all those who have noticed that the problem of Joy-Con floating, and with even possible group action, which probably will probably come as a Kyoto house, will be able to return to this topic in more detail.

The problem in question does not seem to be definitively resolved as it is based on the micro-erosion of Joy-Con's internal elements that create dust and waste that invalidate input detection systems. Therefore, sending Joy-Cons to be repaired by Nintendo (provided that the problem is recognized as the subject of a free repair) does not in the short term exclude its return. In any case, the speaker's words appear to be possible development of Joy-Con which could solve the problem at the root.

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