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Milan, problems for Calhanoglu. Let Turkey's withdrawal – sport – football

Calhanoglu leaves Turkey
Calhanoglu leaves Turkey

Milan, November 18, 2018 – There seems to be no respite for Milan at the moment. Accidents with no end and every small disease cause great fear. The position must not be serious Hakan Calhanoglu, which abandoned Turkey's withdrawal due to inconvenience to the leg, but the general concern is that the players available for the match against Lazio will in any case be limited.

On Tuesday, he refused to play friendly in order to return to Milanello to win physiotherapy on Sunday. Not optimal conditions, problems that spread from defense to attack in a catastrophic moment from this point of view in Milan. A back pack that can be completely transformed, perhaps with a three-level defense Opat, Zapata and Rodriguez, in which no one except the Colombian will be the holder of his natural role.

Now the problems go back to Trocar, where it seemed that the security they give is a bit more effort Suso and Calhanoglu, pulling it always alternately, but decisively in the last twelve months rossoneri.

Perhaps he is just afraid of what is terrible November Rossoneri: the abandoned team, likely to come with men, is considered a key challenge that last year triggered the worst crisis in recent years. Calhanoglu will in no case be 100% and for Gattuso It's a rough news.

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