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Mihajlovic, I was a journalist, not a friend, but today I would not do it anymore


I did not miss a single word from Sinisa's press conference when I tried to measure all his strikes, every expression in his view, his gestures, jokes, as if they were hypnotized by his eyes. Transparency. "But that's not fear," he calmed us. He froze me the day before I was talking about my anger in the editor after five o'clock when they told me that my twenty-year-old friend was sick of leukemia and that many knew.

The suffering of those who suffer must always prevail, and then for the first time I regret that I made a journalist and not a friend of twenty, a friend who had to respond to dozens of other friends and enthusiasts on Friday even Friday, and that he tried several times to call for his a twenty-year-old friend, then Ariana, his wife, Sabatini, Mancini and others. Nanny, the only one who could give me certainty and something. reinsurance. "Let him tell you," Sabatini's advice. But he, Sinisa, did not respond.

"Why did you leave the retreat?" "Is it true that he had undergone clinical trials?" "What's the matter?" "Is it serious?" "Will he return to the train?" "Do you know what? torture, calls, messages.

Yes, I was a journalist and not a friend who should have waited half a day to tell Sinisa. When I listened to his words and saw his face, met his courage, I realized that I should publicly apologize: he would have to be a friend, "Sini", as in the previous twenty years, not a journalist who also advised him not to write lines about the extent of the disease. Last Truth. This terrible word. I had to decide, before your crying, the pain, I know I did it wrong.

From yesterday, I was accompanied by a reflection: we are discussing – useless, often an exercise in hypocrisy – false news, fake news, and real news can scandal us. Privacy? Perhaps only the social media have the right to ignore it, given that they are used by public for public recognition? If you do not follow Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, and simply read the newspaper, does not it?

I did not think yesterday and I do not think I have done any harm today. Sinisi: I just received the pain of news that I never wanted to accept, so I added a loving incentive.

I sent him a message, the content does not reveal it: it is important only to recover well and quickly, everything else concerns my conscience.

It is better that recognition is recognized as a spot in the heart.

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