JANE ALEXANDER / Elia Fongaro turns into a video and moves: "I miss him" (Big Brother Vip 2018)


The Big Brother Vip episode, November 5, begins with a film vision that summarizes what happened in the last week. A week that is fun for the public at home, but not for competitors who have encountered all the terrifying jokes at Halloween. But it was not fun for everyone. Less certainly was for Jane Alexander, who was greatly affected by the release of Elia Fongaro. So when the pictures of both together reproduce live, Jane moves and reminds her that she sees her absorbing in the studio. However, it is likely that in the evening this evening may return to the house of the big brother Vip in the evening, in order to hide it and possibly clarify some points with other people in Parliament. (Modernization of Anne Montesano)

Are you ready to leave the house?

Jane Alexander in tonight's nomination and on Thursday in the second episode of the week Big Brother Vip 2018? It's likely that the actress could leave this week if she did not make a nomination and removal, perhaps for the last stomach problems, or is she already known? According to some users who posted online posters of the show, which sees the actor a few days before the end of reality. Jane Alexander seems to be the most important actor of Giro di Vite, Ghost Story, a presentation inspired by the masterpiece of Henry James, who will be on the scene with Primo Reggiani on November 27th and December 9th. The performance will take place in Rome during these two weeks, led by Giuseppe Miale Di Mauro, and then we wonder how it's possible because the actress is locked in the house and you still do not know when and when will she come out? According to fans, this confirms that everything is piloted, just like Maurizio Battista, who was already the protagonist of various posters and performances in our country. Just a certificate or example? (Hedda Hopper)


Jane Alexander does not stop thinking Elia Fongaro, although it was eliminated in the last episode Big Brother Vip 3. There are many opportunities when an actress is thinking about a model: a lot of mistakes and his face is always in the mind. Last Saturday, Martini Hamdy showed she was impressed with the change of the beard model, which she preferred to focus only on the mustache for her last living. A true blow to the heart for Jane, who still seems like a girl at the first crushing. However, the public does not forgive, and social media advocates any move, regardless of physical appearance. "Too thin", "Monster", many users write. Others defend it by remembering how its physical appearance is associated with an intestinal problem that is still being treated today, and not with the alcoholism it has suffered in the past. Jane spoke a few days ago about this bracket of her life and revealed that she was able to get out into the storm with the support of her boyfriend Gianmarco Amicarelli.

Jane Alexander, Big Brother Vip: with Elio Fongaro the story is over?

It's all possible Jane Alexander in Elia Fongaro? Competitor Big Brother Vip 2018 he is particularly convinced that they will not at best overcome these distances. Alessandro Cecchi Paone does not see the future as a pair, especially because the model would be insecure, uncertain and could not solve a situation that would be problematic like Jane. The actress has not only a difficult past for her but also an open relationship and a teenage son. Unfortunately, he could not hear the words, another clash with the conductor under penalty. Francesca Monte's fans, in fact, appreciated the latest edition of the artist who, after a few days after the last explanation, decided to ask Tarantino for clarification of the famous phrase about kissing between two girls. With the excuse that she had no opportunity to talk to him, the actress gave the opportunity to keyboards to get another version of Tarantin's thought, which she accused of playing dirty. Will that be true? We have seen that Alexander often uses strategies, but the last word is not spoken. After his interest in Elia also applies to this side of his character, this ability to take advantage of the moments in his favor to strike the weak points of the opponent. Will he learn from him?

Is it likely to be done?

Jane Alexander could suffer the evil of other tenants Big Brother Vip 3 tonight. Francesco Monte still intends to perform after sending Elio Fongaro home. He showed him the same evening of elimination, choosing an actress who would compete with him in a possible televoting. The symptom that the tooth is still poisoned and that it could be even tonight when they will again be able to deal with nominations and more. Alexander does not intend to be caught in an unprepared state. In the week he started two or three attacks on Monte to allow the public to remember the last challenge directed at the boy. One way to ensure that the storm will not be a decisive hour: it's impossible to believe that Alexander did not take into account some of the dynamic reality. However, the player is in some way exhausted due to the psychological pressure he must suffer in the house, the need to be alert to any small signal that could hurt him. Martini Hamdy once again said, but she did not show any sign that she would have given up so far.

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