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High cholesterol and blood pressure before 40? What are the risks?


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A study on a sample of 36,000 people showed that younger adults with high levels of bad cholesterol and hypertension more likely to suffer from cardiac events

We always have to stick to it controlled cholesterol and pressure, but young people should do this in a special way. The higher these parameters, the more their risk of cardiac events increases. The data comes from America, where they are researchers Columbia University Medical Center they gathered and data from participants in six studies to check how much they suffered heart attacks, strokes or suffer heart failure. They were joint participants 36.030: at the first exam average age between participants 53 years. We monitored the sample for 17 years.

Difference between LDL and HDL

cholesterol It's fat, important components of body cells, useful for assessing the risk of developing certain diseases. In order to have an indication in this sense in addition to determining total cholesterol, it is essential to know the concentration of cholesterol in the blood HDL (good) and cholesterol LDL (bad): the terms good and bad refer to the capacity of these molecules for prevention or help Warehouse cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessels. To learn more: cholesterol, how to read blood tests

Results of the study

Entities with high levels for Cholesterol (more than 129 milligrams per deciliter of blood) before the age of 40 years cardiac events, with one 64% higher probabilitycompared to peers with low levels of Ldl.

In addition, young adults with pressure systolic (ie the largest) high, presented 37% more options develop a heart failure in later years, while those with arterial pressure diastolic (ie the smallest) highThey had it 21% more.

During monitoring 4.570 participants were suffering cardiac events as a heart attack, 5.119 suffered heart failure in 2.862 have kap.

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Recognized risk factors

However, the study does not explain whether high blood pressure or high cholesterol in early adulthood can directly cause heart attacks, strokes, or heart failure that develop later in life.

"Heart failure and heart attacks are the result of many years of exposure risk factors ashypertension in cholesterol"He comments." Samuel Giddingco-author of the study accompanying the study and medical director of the FH Foundation (Familial Hypercholesterolemia) in Pasadena, California. "Both cause fat accumulation in coronary arteries since childhood, which leads to heart attacks later in life." In addition, hypertension causes additional heartburn and adaptation to this stress causes heart failure.

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