He wrote "Vesuvius force, the force of Etna" on Facebook: the ex-liberal councilor pardoned


"The fact does not exist"With this formula, the Court of Appeal in Milan voted the former Provincial Councilor of Monza at Lda Nardo, Donatella Galliwho was sentenced to 20 days in prison for publishing a Facebook post in 2012 with the title Forza Etna, Vesuvius force, Marsila, who wanted a "natural catastrophe in central and southern Italy".

"We are awkward and we are waiting to read the motivation within 60 days," said the lawyer Sergio Pisani, a civil party and, as the president of the eighth municipality of Naples, presented the complaint that opened the investigation. The woman was also sentenced to compensate the civilian who asked for "symbolic euro"Galli was accused of propagating" ideas based on racial and ethnic superiority of northern Italians compared to the South "and" racial and ethnic discrimination ".

"We are waiting for reasons and we will appeal," said a civil lawyer. "This sentence can give all those insults that are felt on the stadium curve and against which we have already filed complaints." Galli always supported the defense with the legal Maurizio Bono, "posted this sentence in a private group of friends on his Facebook wall" and he was "boutade".

After the accusation, in October 2012, a woman inserted "a satellite photo of Italy without regions from Lazio and Abruzzo and the phrase" the satellite sees well, defends the borders … "and then wrote" Forza Etna, the Vesuvius force, the force of Marsili " who wants, as he pointed out Procura di Monza, "Natural disaster in central and southern Italy, caused by the three largest active volcanoes existing there". For the judge of the Monza Elena Sechi, instead of the "female" term, "clear and unequivocal racist content, in terms of harmful hostile to certain populations", "accused of violence"And suitable for"propagate the aversion against the south".


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