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Gianluca Di Marzio :: Good night with the transfer market


Milan, a transaction between Monaco and. t André Silva suddenly jumped, at the moment definitely. With Monaco, and especially Milan, who would receive a total of 30 million euros from the operation, it was a company. Today, André Silva flew to Montecarlo to undergo medical examinations and then complete the transfer to France. However, the problem that filters from Milan and Monaco is of an economic nature. However, nothing changes for businesses Angel Correa, with Milan, who had a strong deal with a player looking for a final consent with Atletico Madrid. Bonuses are still dancing on the final number, but the negotiations continue.

Parallel to the offensive for Correo Milan, he thinks of defense. The first goal remains Demiral Juventus. Currently, Bianconeri does not appear to open the Turkish side, but the former Sassuolo defender remains a priority for Giampaolo. In the meantime, Ismael Bennacer visited the headquarters to sign a contract that would tie it to Rossonerje

IMAGE Florentine church

New top honey Frederick Church and purple lead: in New York, on the bus Fiorentina, the attacker met Barone, Antognoni and Dainelli. The interest of Juventus has been strong for an attacker for a long time, but the club is still repeating its unwillingness to resign to the player. In this sense, the Commisso reiterated his position on the Church: "I said from the first day that I want to stay, we will see what will happen. I respect him, I want to care for all my players.

At home Juventus the problem that needs to be solved is the one that is related to the attack: Sarri at a press conference that anticipates the challenge with Inter talks on the situation Dybala: "" It's easy to do "wrong nueves", but we can find different solutions. You could also play as a midfielder for two attackers. "Given the difficult tactical position, the Argentines are not sure at this moment that they own the new tactical project. HiguainDespite the will of the player (who wants to stay in Juve). on Kean great interest remains with Everton and Arsenal. Perin chapter: new events are expected after the end of negotiations with Benfico.

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Naples greeted Elmas, a midfielder who arrived from Fenerbahce, first went to medical visits to Rome, and then joined the rest of the group in Dimaro. The Turkish company received 16 million euros: the Macedonian substitute Rog officially moved to Cagliari.

chapter Inter: Dzeko and Lukaku currently the only routes for attack. Conte believes that the Belgian (who wants to move to Nerazzurri) is an element that serves the team to make a qualitative leap: it is necessary to find a formula that will meet the requirements of Manchester United. To find resources, downloads are required. Not only is Icardi and Nainggolan concerned.

Nostalgia at home Rome, who presented Totti and De Rossi together before listening to Mancini's words. The former midfielder Giallorossi will leave Wednesday in Buenos Aires, where Boca Juniors is waiting.

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Sampdoria is in progress for Simone Verdi. No club, so far, has failed to meet the demands of Napoli, who would like 20 million extra bonuses. Sampdoria only wants to know if Azzurri is lowering his claims. Outside there is also Turin. At home Udinese negotiations for Tokoz del Besiktas have not been released. Bianconeri look at other goals for the center: the idea is Walace from Hanover. Bologna He greeted Skov Olsen, who carried out medical examinations. Genoa is close to Lucas Silva from Real Madrid while he is Cagliari After Rog's arrival is formalized, Naithan Nandez ends the punch. Sassuolo Welcomed Obiang arrived in Italy for his new adventure in Serie A.


Lo Spezia is approaching the arrival of the 90-year-old goal keeper Seculin of Chievo. L 'Ascoli took Torino from the Ecuador Ferigra (born in 1999). At home in Pordenone he approached the engaged actor Magnino della Feralpisaló, born in 1997. Crotone was created for Mustacchia, the former class of Perugia 1989 (in the second round, Scosro played in Carp).

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