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GF Vip: Briatore in counterattacks, Gregoraci proves to be fragile

In sentimental diatribe med Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore, the alternation of denial and confirmation continues in an almost stubborn hyperbole. During the evening episode Big brother Vip,, Alfonso Signorini he informed the former wife of the manager at first sight of his denial, in connection with another wedding offer, that is official position collected from Chi.

An encore wedding with Gregory: a new version of Briatore

But he also spoke live Elisabetta phone conversation shortly before with Briatore: “I felt it Flavio, do we want to continue on this path of denial or do we want to better understand how it went? And I have to say he proved you right. He told me that these were actually his words, as neither of you had an important romantic situation after the divorce and because you love each other, because of Nathan Falco you were thinking of getting back together. This is something that is discarded. Flavio added: I agree with Elisabetta, we love each other, but we couldn’t be together anymore. “

The words Gregoration during the live broadcast of GF Vip

“There were some mistakes that I’m afraid could happen again. I underestimated the whole situation and didn’t know what it was going through. I skipped the stage of my years and that burden was getting bigger and bigger. This age difference didn’t help … When you’re with a man like that, you have to accept certain things. I had so many things, but I also missed those things like an aperitif with a friend, a weekend … “, he admitted Gregorians.

“Flavio is a bit possessive, I’m his in the sense that I felt a little bit in the cage … so many beautiful things happened … I was 24 then, now I’m a different woman. I’ve changed a lot, Alfonso … “. Then, in line with the authors ’blue orientation, attention shifted elsewhere, to a very moving video message from the father Elisabetta, who moved the showgirl to tears. The cry shared by many competitors in the house of Cinecittà, a dimension he always considers unfavorable and undesirable Briatore.

Elisabetta was emotionally involved, revealing aspects of her personal and professional life that were never revealed, such as the drama of losing her mother, divorce, and even the intimate side of her relationship with Flaviomarriage and divorce understood – and also the conditions of their friend from the days Benetton in formula one, Michael sSchumacher.

Flavio Briatore’s sentence on another legal issue

Therefore Briatore has chosen a soft line to partially oppose the sentences uttered by the TV presenter in recent weeks forced imprisonment. He did not intervene, he did not speak, he did not send letters. He preferred to trust his version, which is still partial and is definitely changing at the moment. Gentlemen.

On the other hand, as he himself repeated in a recent interview, it is his company’s priority and that is why he decided to leave Italy with his son to fly. Nathan Falco, on Dubai where, with new restrictive measures and in line with a new different entertainment philosophy, he reopened his restaurant and monitored the resumption of related activities.

Briatore in Dubai: silence on Instagram

mine Instagram posted pictures of son, had z Elisabetta Gregoraci, and their lives a Dubai in this urgent journey, in his opinion. At a distance, of course, confusion prevails. Net charges Elisabetta inside and outside the walls of reality television grows a movement towards, consisting of Wild Rome e Dayane Mello and from the alleged former Briatore,, Taylor Mega mediated a In Ursa reveal the alleged aggressive assault of the entrepreneur’s ex-wife.

The background from the past on which it is Gregorians apparently not yet pronounced. While the hypothesis that there has been an attempt at rapprochement remains firm in its own way. And perhaps compatible with that contracts which has been talked about a lot in recent weeks.

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