Folgaria, autopsies and weapons surveys by Massimo Toller – a video


Alessandro Pighetti killed his eyes at the height of the dispute. This was not the first, say relatives and neighbors who comment: "The killer had problems with alcohol"

Why did Massimo Toller keep that weapon, gun and rifle at home, threatening and killing Alessandro Pighettia, his 31-year-old son and then himself?

The question on which Carabinieri are investigating who is investigating is the questionThe suicide suicide of Costa Folgaria. A few autopsies were performed on two bodies a few hours ago.

This is what is said in the village The 59-year-old former truck driver had a lot of quarrels with Alessandro, since the son of his interlocutor was a teenager and followed his mother Renata from Lombardy to Trentino.

In addition, alcohol could alleviate the violence that broke out the apartment Via Maffei. In these parts, privacy is a strong feature of the characters. But it is difficult to conceal the suspicion that this aid could have influenced Toller's murderous behavior.

Massimo Toller and his partner – who were saved yesterday when they hid in a sports store, the only one that's still open – just returned from a holiday in Salento. For several years, man has no longer been working as a truck driver. They also had a driving license. And he lived in occasional workplaces.


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