fight against cancer of the pancreas of the pancreas, a purple illuminated city on November 15


Rome, November 14 (AdnKronos Salute) – Italian cities are again highlighting this year of Violin on November 15 to focus attention on pancreatic cancer, a "silent killer", which is still under-known that it affects more than 13,000 every year people in Italy, it is estimated that in 2030 the second main cause of death due to neoplasia in the world. The initiative is part of the international campaign "Let's clarify the pancreatic cancer" in cooperation with the institution "Nastro Viola" in cooperation with the Foundation Nadia Valsecchi Onlus, the association Oltre la ricerca and the association My Everest onlus. The idea of ​​the campaign – explains the organizers – is that with simple moves you can change the natural history of this neoplasm, which estimates a mortality of 90% for five years after diagnosis.

The campaign's motive is "Demand Better – Ask for Better", which contains the demands of associations, among which better treatment of a tumor that provides survival; We are warning about a neoplasm, which is considered to be erroneously rare, but the data show strong growth; attract investment to focus on research (now it is estimated that only 2% of European research funding is intended to study this cancer), to spread accurate information on symptoms and treatment.

Among the initiatives that the associations encourage a national meeting to take place this year in Verona on November 16 at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia conference hall on Piazza Bra. The whole day is open to all who are interested in research, therapies, care and aspects related to prevention, diagnosis and nutrition that revolve around this cancer. It's still time to join the campaign – the organizers are canceling – Anyone can send a request to their community or to a public or private body that gives a reason for the element of its artistic and architectural heritage, in which to highlight the violet light. To request a letter of adhesion, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]


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