Emanuela Folliero feared: "I do not feel safer to go alone"



07.11.2018 – 06.000

The former television dictator has expressed concern about the degraded situation surrounding the area where he lives

RIM – Emanuela Folliero said she was struggling when a non-EU and a drunkard who had been scared joined her a few nights ago.

The former TV announcer expressed concern about the degraded condition that surrounds the area where he lives during an interview with Libero Quotidiano.

"I do not live far from the main station in Milan before I go down to take the dog's needs. I'm usually cautious, but the last day it upset me, and I came out of the drink, "said Emanuel. "I do not want to make bundles of grass, I'm not all that," he said.

But this is not the first unpleasant episode for Follier who said: "I do not feel safer, without look, without words, straight, pretending to be on the phone, I do not dress shimmering, but last night I return home and citizens, who are not EU citizens, shout at me: "Nice mouth, p *** free?" Sometimes I would say something, but I ran away from my husband's house. When it was less dangerous to go down the street, I turned directly in. That's not what I'm doing now for men, "he concluded.



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