Deputy Minister of Economy – Toti: "Ligurian families and bad weather companies suspend taxes and mortgages" | Liguria | Genoa


In Silence Bay, Sestri Levante storm storm

In Silence Bay, Sestri Levante storm storm

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Genoa – Some parts of the country, especially the Liguria and Veneto, because of the bad weather, live in dramatic classes with hundreds of families and companies struggling with great difficulty, and the whole area has been literally destroyed "and"suspension of tax liabilities as well as priority actions for collections of land financial support should be provided restoring the service and infrastructure network ".

These are the words of Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, posted on Facebook.

In the morning, Latium Toti, Governor of Radio, Radio Radio on Radio 1 said: suspension of tax and mortgages for the Ligurian families and for the poor weather conditions in the past few days, one of the priorities in the Civil Protection Regulation. "

"We are currently working with the government the recognition of an emergency. We conducted a thorough investigation with the head of the Civil Defense Department of Angelo Borrelli, and our requests are very similar to areas affected by bad weather, "added Toti.

Toti: "200 million damage only in Tigullio"

This morning, a visit to Portofino, a village that remained isolated after the bad weather storm and followed the gulf opening to the 227 provincial road connecting Santa Margherita, the governor of Liguria took the situation: "Damage was great everywhere, Portofino and Rapallo Tigullio's infrastructure, which is not less than 200 million, "said Toti." This requires quick work, but in spite of the tragedy we are looking at the future. "(here is the full article and video

From active Sunday, the number of solidarity for fundraising

On Sunday, 4 pm Sunday midnight, the 455000 solidarity number will be in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Liguria. This is illustrated by Viminale.

"Tsunami" effect: all the videos and photos of the storm on October 29, 2018

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