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Belen and De Martino in Capri with a new mega yacht


Last purchase Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez is a mega yacht with the name of its first child: Santiago.

He was a couple observed in Capri Where, during a dive into the sea and dinner at the restaurant, he revealed bought a boat. Both Stefano and Belen showed up yachts v Instagram Stories, leaving the trackers without words. It's not just about giving a boat the name of a surprise small house Rodriguez, but also the luxury that shines from videos in which the fun of the sun and the former dancer are fun with friends.

A summer of love for Belen and Stefan, who they came back together one by one long distances. Flashback, which no one expected for the painful layer of 2015 and the story of the Argentine model with Andrea Iannona. To leave the showgirl was just a former competitor friends and she never hides proven suffering.

Nowadays, suffering and tears belong to the past: Stefan succeeded in regaining Belen, and both liked him more than ever. After traveling with the whole family in Morocco and at holidays in Ibiza and Formenteri, the couple returned to Italy. Within a few weeks, Rodriguez and De Martino will lead La Notte della Taranta and Castrocaro on stage.

In the meantime, they decided to leave it to some a relaxing day in Capri embarking on a new yacht. From the videos posted on Instagram, he sows through the great bucket in which we breathe Rodriguez-De Martino House. Belen is released in the sun, while Stefano cleans the yacht's water with water. Then the couple takes a lunch on a fish basis and again on a boat trip, in the blue waters of Capri.

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Belen and De Martino

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Belen and De Martino – Source: Instagram

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