At the bottom 400 jobs: here is the maxi Amazon Cascade


Over the past few days, the first 100 employees have worked in a large warehouse of the new center Amazon, get acquainted with the packages that come in and place them in the appropriate pellets that will be delivered for delivery.

The official opening took place on Monday, November 5, in the morning: cutting strips symbolically welcomed the landing of a giant e-trader in Bergamo.

In the presence of law enforcement and law enforcement, CEO of Amazon South Europe Tareq Rajal and director of the Calvenzanese factory Oreste Tagliaferri, opened the gate of the node and officially opened a new pole, unique in Italy for features.

The sorting center covers an area of ​​34 thousand square meters. It includes a storage area with 123 loading bays and an administrative area of ​​more than 122 thousand square meters. One, but the current employee, but the American company promised up to four hundred new jobs in the first three years.

The logistics center Casate d & # 39; Adda, unlike many Amazon plants scattered across the peninsula, does not have the storage and packaging function that is associated with products purchased online, but is limited to receiving packages that are already packaged and labeled using machines and operators that have the task to share them in a functional way before delivering them to various couriers that will deliver to customers.

Inauguration of the Amazon Center in Casira

There is already a large number of sorting in these first days of activity, with highlights of work already planned for "Black Friday" – the annual day in which the company is located Jeff Bezos It encourages great discounts – as well as for the canonical period of Christmas holidays.

A lot of important for the Amazon family is the protection and well-being of employees who have some small advantages: "Our employees have a 10% discount on Amazon purchases – explains Casita Polo Oreste Tagliaferri, director of the Casino Polo Oreste Tagliaferri – we have also set some bonuses for their benefit: who want to specialize in a specific task, for example, we guarantee a fee of up to 95% for four years for study and professional courses, the father who just gave birth gives us almost two months of paid absence to stay close to the child. free coffee, canteens and everything else, besides the space for leisure, equipped with table tennis, table legs and video games. All this is designed for their well-being and their happiness: for us, our employees are important. "

Inauguration of the Amazon Center in Casira

"It's an important day for us," says Tareq Rajal, general manager of Amazon South Europe, "we will open the website at its peak thanks to the technology that has been adopted in it: a technology that enables us to be very close to our customers and their needs. We are happy to see that we are in the Bergamo area – added Rajjal – where we found all the necessary support to live in this new node. We are pleased with the great motives that promote our employees: for all this they are very successful conditions. "

The basic role in selecting the area by Amazon is the proximity of some commercial routes and especially the highway Brebemi, which opened a link a few months ago just next to the new sorting node. "This is an example showing how infrastructure promotes investment in the territory, – explained the regional councilor for infrastructure and mobility Claudia Terzi – in this case, we are talking about Brebemia and the lower part of Bergamo, with this country, which in the last few years has been a major impetus for infrastructure and investment.

Inauguration of the Amazon Center in Casira

The words shared by President Brebemi Spa Francesco Bettoni who wished to emphasize the "importance of this strategic link for our region and our trade".

The mayor Casimir d 'Adda is also happy with the work Mauro Faccà, who talked about the environmental impacts of the area: "It is a serious responsibility to rescue this size in Casirate. We can conclude that, despite the large scale of the building, we almost excluded the use of public land, since it was once the area of ​​Eni where it was built building, already used as a settlement, the latter was restored and then designed for this purpose. Also, from a naturalistic point of view, it was decided that it would work smartly. "


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