A woman complains of painful stomach pain: doctors find nails, pins and bracelets


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Unbelievable, what happened to a woman who suffered a long time pain in the stomach, It's a shame that she herself caused herself pain. It seems that the woman swallowed nails, bolts, pins and bracelets. The protagonist of this unusual story is a woman named Sangita, who lives in India more closely Ahmedabad. The Mirror reported on the report and it appears that the woman was wandering in a street that was totally abandoned to herself in the pain of disturbing stomach pain and once in a hospital discovered the cause of his illness. In fact, doctors, who were quite concerned about the health of women, decided to submit them to some examinations in order to try to understand what could be treated.

The results of X-rays were really worrying because women in the stomach found various metal objects from pins, bolts, nails and bracelets, and it seems that the woman swallowed a necklace typical of the area. Together, doctors found around one in the female stomach kg and a half of metal objects all of them were goblins and which inevitably caused damage not only to the abdomen, but also to the lungs, and therefore it was urgent action. The health status of a woman is currently under medical supervision, but does not give rise to special care. "No one, except her, knows how long those items are inside", reports on this.

"The patient's stomach became solid as a stone when we did X-ray imaging, a compact chicken appeared in the female body, he said Nitin Parmar, an experienced surgeon of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital who took care of Sangita. It seems that the protagonist of this story, which has amazingly, is affected by a pathology called acuphagia.

For those who do not know, there is a disorder that in rare cases affects the adult population and consists of the consumption of non-nutritious items, and not food, and therefore metals. This pathology and the consumption of metals appear to be more rare in adults, although in the last decade many case studies have been published worldwide. Researchers have argued that in some cases this pathology, which appears to be rare in adults, can be very serious and may also be cause emergency situations such as perforation, peritonitis, bleeding, bowel obstruction, acute loss of body weight, poisoning and death.


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