9 dead, two more children



CASTELDACCIA (PALERMO) – Bad weather in the Macedonian province. Nine people – including women and children – died a villa in the Cavallaro district In Casteldaccia (Palermo) due to the flood of the Milicia River, which had fallen yesterday. The villa is located at the border of the villages of Altavilla Milicia and Casteldaccia, near the Palermo-Catania motorway and is flooded with water, mud and debris.

There were friends and relatives in the house who spent the evening together. Two men, one man and one girl, would have been saved because go shopping for sweets. Outside the house, a third person dragged the alarm with his cell phone on which a tree stood when the house was immersed in water. The victims drowned the water came quickly reaching the ceiling before they save themselves.

Two of the dead are one and two years old and one 15-year-old boy. Only the head of the family will be saved – this can be called Giuseppe Giordano – of the families gathered at home.

On the spot, firefighters, carabinieri, civilian and personal protection arrived in 118 who rescued and secured the three people who were in the villa.

"It is a huge tragedy," explained the mayor of Casteldaccia, Giovanni Di Giacinto, who has come to the place of the massacre – we still do not understand what happened: the river never caused any danger, never overflowed, and it did not last for a long time in Casteldaccia. The river was born in Ciminna-Caccamo, and perhaps the rains on the road swelled. "

She died in another Vicarium

Vicari tragedy, where he has been looking for two people for a Jeep since yesterday: one, Alessandro Scavone, 44 was found by firefighters as dead. The other missing, Salvatore D & amp; Amato, 21 years old. They found life. Scavone and Dato Amato, one of whom is the owner of the local gas station, went to a third young man who was isolated in the same distributor and who rescued himself with the car.


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