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Walmart's huge sales are now live: he beat the examples brought by the Premier Day


Walmart's summer sales are now in full swing, with a 24-hour start on those deals from Amazon. And if you are after great price cuts on fantastic technologies like 4K TVs, smart speakers, Fitbits, AirPods, laptops, iPads and more, today is a day to treat.

And unlike Prime Day, you do not have to be a payee for any member service. These super summer offers are for everyone.

We have rounded out the best Walmart sales highlighting in several categories for you below, or you can use the link above to get straight to the entire sales selection. So, if you want to get a glimpse of the fantastic offers like the Google Home Mini in sales for just $ 25, the Apple Watch Series 3 is available for only $ 199 and $ 40 off the crazy favorite best selling Instant Pot Duo60, you'll find below.

You will also find that the prices of 4K TVs are too small, such as Vizio, Sony and TCL. The best TV event we've seen is the 65-inch Vizio 4K UHD TV available for $ 449.99. This is the lowest price for Smart TV UHD.

In the next few days, there will also be additional offers for even more cutting-edge technology, as Walmart's sales will run with Amazon Prime Day. And we are confident that we will bring you the best of both sides and also on our premier day.

Walmart's sales coating day


Google Home devices

Google home smart speaker 129 $ $ 69 in Walmart
For a limited time you can buy the best-selling Google home speaker for $ 69 in Walmart. This is the lowest price we've found for a smart speaker that produces powerful sound and works with Google's assistant.
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Google Home Max 399 $ $ 249 in Walmart
For a limited time you can get Google Home Max for sale in Walmart for $ 249. A very powerful speaker can play music, answer questions, and control other smart home devices with your voice. If you want genuine sound to fill the room, then this is a smart speaker.
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Hub for Google Nest 149 $ 79 dollars in Walmart
You can save $ 70 and receive three months of free YouTube Music Premium in Google's Nest Hub in Walmart. A smart screen can control smart home devices (such as Nest) and collaborate with Google's assistant to display photos, make calls, show news, and more.
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Smart watches

Fitness trackers


Apple iPad 128GB $ 429.99 $ 329 in Walmart
Save $ 100 on a 128 GB Apple iPad to Walmart. The powerful tablet has A10 Fusion chips and includes up to 10 hours of operation. And with 128GB of memory instead of 32GB, you can really pack it with applications and media downloads.
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Vacuum cleaners

Kitchen appliances


Nintendo switch | carrier | $ 302.25 in Walmart
If you are not overly concerned about the battery assembly assembly above, this may be a better option for you. The carry case will protect the switch screen when it is outside of the connection. It also has extra pockets to store games. This arrangement is available both with a neon and a gray version of the switch.
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PS4 Pro | $ 349.99 in Walmart
If you do not need any games, but you want only the lowest solo price of the PS4 Pro for the new unit, Walmart is today your best shot. So if you are only upgrading from an older PS4, this is a handy offer. They agreed that prices in the package are terrible, so this is the best offer for some distances

Xbox One X | NBA 2K19 | $ 339.99 in Walmart
With so many stores that still charge more than $ 400 for a 4K super console, this is a fantastic Walmart deal. We would be happy to pay this price only for the console, but we will definitely take it with the best basketball that money can buy.
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PlayStation VR | Camera PS4 | Blood and Truth Golf for All | $ 349.99 in Walmart
We recently played Blood and Truth and immediately became the most popular PlayStation VR titles, thanks to smooth lid control and spectacular shooting. If you enjoy Time Crisis in arcades or PS1 back in the day, you will do it, especially since this package comes with two motion controllers. And when you need some things to call, you can enjoy the first encounter of any Golf in VR.
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If you have not found the right provider for you or want to browse products directly from Walmart, we have provided you with a list of the most popular categories to help you purchase the Walmart's Prime Day Store.

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