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The "Say to the Dress" designer was rejected after 12 hours for the meeting, shortly afterwards she received a telephone call that changed her career


Pnina Tornai performed on the TLC show "Say Yes Dress".
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  • Pnina Tornai started her wedding business 30 years ago in
    a small store with one mirror in Tel Aviv, Israel. Today he sees 90
    up to 120 brides a day at weekends in the renowned Kleinfelde
    wedding shop in New York.
  • Before the brides said "yes" to the Tornai wedding
    clothes in Kleinfeld, was rejected
    selling suits in the wedding shop, as his designs were also
    sexy. "
  • Instead of giving up, Tornai returned home and created
    a collection of clothes that could be adapted to the American wedding
    fashion. Two weeks later she was called by the owner of Kleinfeld and said
    clothes were sold as crazy.

Before the brides said "yes" to the wedding dress of Pnine Tornai
in Kleinfeld, was refused the sale of the gown in
married store because her models were considered "too sexy".

Pnina Tornai started her wedding business 30 years ago in a small one
shop with one mirror in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tornai is affiliated with Kleinfeld – a famous wedding shop in New York
York City has now performed at the TLC show "Say Yes to the Dress" –
when the bride's father wanted to arrange with her for more
at an affordable price on the dress, told Insider
episode of our podcast "It's Success."

Two days later, Tornai met in Kleinfeld in New York
The city – a 12-hour flight from Tel Aviv.

"The next thing I knew was that I was on a plane with mine
clothes on the way to Kleinfeld, and this was not easy
started, "Tornai said.

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Pnina Tornai explains how she left the small store
Israel in one of the world's most famous brides

"It really was not an easy start, because I remember
the day I came to Kleinfeld and showed my clothes, and
the customer watched my clothes with a very strange face and said:
"We will never sell these clothes in America
clothes in America will never be sold. Too sexy; They are too
Bold. ""

In a 12-year flight back to Tel Aviv, Tornai said
crying until the plane touches. Instead of giving up, she
he went home and created a collection of clothes that could be adapted
American wedding fashion. She returned the collection back
Kleinfeld, with an email saying, "Please reveal these clothes
your store. If you do not sell, send them back. "

Two weeks later, Tornai got a phone call from the owner
Kleinfeld, who said that the store had problems with her clothes –
they were selling too much, and they were not sure if Tornai could follow
the amount of orders.

"And the rest is history," Tornai said.

Tornai has been traveling from Tel Aviv to New York for 13 years
York City for 12-year-olds to ensure her dress blossomed on

When Kleinfeld's presentation "Say Yes To The Dress" took off
Ten years ago, Tornai became one of the most demanding designers
in store. Today, exhibitions take place in 120 countries and Tornai
she sees 90 to 120 brides a day on weekends.

"It's my bride, it's my party," Tornai said.
"I thank every opportunity I have in my life. I do not know
Take it for granted. "

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