Friday , March 5 2021

Sony CEO: “We still have a lot of investigations ahead of us” regarding the PlayStation Network security breach

The New York Times today published a new interview with Sony CEO Howard Stringer, where he discussed the recent security breach of the PlayStation Network and what they plan to do to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Stringer defends Sony, saying the company notified its users of the infringement fairly quickly, but told players for nearly a week that personal information, including credit card numbers, had been captured in the attack. Stringer explained, “We [Sony] there are still many investigations to find out how this happened, but we are [Sony] not there yet. “

Sony CEO and executive vice president Kazuo Hirai also said Sony is working on security studies “at all levels of the company … from television to e-books and beyond” and is currently in the process of creating new security positions. People working in these jobs will be called upon to develop “a system to avoid such events again – the establishment of a new system.”

Sony started renovating its PlayStation Network services last weekend, but it won’t be in full power for some time to come.

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