Palestinians will be buried at the Jewish cemetery – The Forward


(JTA) – The main peak in Jerusalem made it possible for a man to be buried at a Jewish cemetery, which, after his physical exclusion, was due to his sale of real estate to the Jews.

Aryeh Stern, the chief Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the Israeli capital, decided this week for a Rabbi judge that Alah Kirsh was buried at the Jewish cemetery as an exception because he was "a fair gentile," Ynet reports.

Kirsh was together with five people in a car accident on 4 November. His family tried to bury their body at their Muslim cemetery in east Jerusalem, but they refused there because they were charged with selling real estate to this part of the capital that was a few years ago. The family was not allowed to bring Kirsh's body to Al Aksa's mosque and was forbidden to go to the tent marriages and to receive guests there, just like Muslim customs.

A public anti-Semitic leader of the Arab Israeli and an ally of Nazi Germany, al-Husseini wrote this year that "anyone who sells a house or land to the Jews will not receive a Muslim burial." wrote: "Whoever sells Jews to Jerusalem is not a member of the Muslim nation, we will not accept his repentance and we will not bury the Muslim cemetery."

Kirsh's body was temporarily placed outside a Muslim cemetery in Nabi Salih, a village near Ramallah. Stern decided that he could be buried in the part of the Jewish cemetery in Har HaMenuchot, reserved for people without faith.

"Because the Muslims will not be buried, we must correct the distortion of justice, which leads to the unjustified humiliation of a man whose sole sin was preparing for the sale of the Jews," Stern wrote. "It is the duty of us to worship the righteous gentile, and in this case the person who showed good will and was prepared to risk the Jewish settlement."


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