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More than 2,000 years have passed since the Holy Spirit explicitly descended to deal with government affairs with the Church, born in the Pentecost, for the benefit of the nations of the world. Unfortunately, the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit as God's governor on earth is still largely misunderstood. But from the time of the old covenant, the Spirit of God worked with anointing in the teaching of government and civil rule, the giving of wisdom and power to the leaders, the provision of intellectual abilities and higher knowledge for the management of nations and teaching, how to rule liberty and peace for nations. I assume that they do not give faith to the Lord, but to fulfill the divine governmental protocols on earth.

The Protocol is a code of good conduct that prescribes strict adherence that was formulated and signed by government emigrants as the basis for the final convention or treaty. Who knows what a government is worth with the quality of its ambassadors and how it adheres to and fulfills the conditions of conventions that it ratifies. In order to represent the Kingdom of God on earth, we must submit to the king's conventions, that is, the teachings and instructions that the anointed by the Spirit of God have anointed the implementation of royal protocols.

It is only when we fulfill God's will and purpose, as written in the king's treaty, that God's government is on earth. Salvation is the re-establishment of heavenly conventions on earth. Jesus carries his government protocols on the shoulders and manifests on earth. But Jesus could not begin a government mission without the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, fear of the Lord, counseling, power and power of the functional manifestation of the heavenly protocols summed up by the Spirit of God to serve the highest goal of government affairs on earth.

It is intended to become the national stone of the nations

In Genesis 49, Jacob blessed the twelve sons before he died. The descendants of each Jacob's son became twelve tribes of Israel. In Moses 33 Moses blessed the tribes of Israel. Blessing always carries the proper responsibility. With blessing, each tribe was given anointing to fulfill a specific government goal for the nation of Israel. As government stones, the twelve tribes of Israel were the plan for the government in Israel. Every government stone is called to manifest itself on earth. Reuben represents the first birth that speaks of energy and creativity to govern the world. Simeon speaks for control of sharp anger and hard anger, not to infect the world with weapons of violence. The left is a call to dedicate your life to serving a higher calling and purpose in life. Judah is the mandate of the leadership and position of the kingdom. Dan's tribe is a plan of law and order, judgment, and objective justice to administer the nation. Nephtali talks of independence as an essential component of national growth. Gad is a prototype of warriors fighting for the defense and protection of our freedoms and values. Asher is a symbol of leadership for the release of prosperity and abundance, which provides happiness and survival. Isachar is a scholar who provides wisdom and clear direction for the people. Zebulun is a businessman, a financial guru who oversees the market. Joseph prevails over all difficulties to become a great leader. Joseph never loses his integrity despite the occupied environment. Efraim can turn these problems into divine opportunities or be fertile in the land of suffering. Menashe has the ability not to subject himself to the power of the enemy's limitations. Benjamin's passion is to find divine energy.

Jesus chose 12 disciples to witness the power and authority given to him from above to repeat this same government mandate in the world. In Matthew 28:18, Jesus told his disciples: "They have given me all authority in the heavens and on the earth, in the way that the Father sent me, I will send you." The choice of the twelve stones represents God's total government power, power, authority or a government institution.

Thus Jesus' ministry as John the Baptist is carried out in Elijah's anointing. It was remarkable that a vast crowd of people tried to push their way into the future kingdom or government of God when they heard John the Baptist who called on the people to be ready for the government of God. And everyone in Israel wondered about the proper course of action to enter the Kingdom of God. Janez told them unequivocally that they should expedite the government's responsibilities for government responsibilities and nourish the poor: "If you have additional clothing or food, give something to someone who does not, do not cheat anyone, be happy with your salary." God's government came to the nation when people wear royal clothes instead of cloth, citizens are healthy and no longer starving, economic security is ensured by well-paid jobs and wages are fair. Death in this nation has no place.

When Jesus began his public life, his ministry was carried out through the prayers of Elijah through the dead, who returned to life, the suffering crowds who enjoyed bread and fish at the excessive amount of food, the joy enjoyed at the wedding feast of Canaan, sick, blind, leprosy, and lame who were rebuilt, and they were defiled by the poor and taking care of the prisoners. Jesus' ministry showed that when a divine power or government comes into the nation, it produces righteousness. God's government is a government of justice that overcomes poverty, illness, unfair wages and death. When an anointed leader takes over the state, justice is in the walls of such a nation. There is no room for sickness, death, starvation, disease, economic policies that produce national slaves, as well as economic prisoners and groups of marginalized mafias. The choice of the twelve disciples was merely a sign that their call was to manifest God's complete government protocols to the entire sphere of the nation. The Holy Spirit is the governor who wants to transmit these protocols of justice to the earth.

It is never enough to emphasize that the Spirit is anointed with people who are ready to rule and act as government ministers to show the heavenly protocols on earth. Whenever God gives us His Spirit, He is always due to the needs of others and nations to adhere to the celestial protocols. Spirit is never given for our self-employment or personal prize. King David was lazy to rule the people. And anointing enables him to act and fulfill his mandate. Helping means the person and the service of the Holy Spirit, which gives the divine permission to perform the governmental duties of a particular office. Let's take a quick look at how God's Spirit is involved in government through history.

Moses was anointed as a statesman in a court office, a legislator, a clever, skillful political leader, a liberator, a state builder, and a military strategist. Moses' lubrication moves peoples from economic and political slavery to freedom and prosperity through state-building. Joshua, the successor to Moses, is running in the anointing of his mentor. Deuteronomy 34: 9 testifies of Joshua as a leader who was "full of the spirit of wisdom, because Moses laid his hands on him, so that the people of Israel were listening." In Moses 31: 7-9 Moses called Joshua as his heir, before him all Israel said, "Be strong and courageous, because you go with this people into the land … The Lord who is before you will be with you, he will not let you down or leave you, do not be afraid or despise." Joshua anointing is a leadership anointing for courage and power in battle to lead the nation to victory and homeland security. Samson's anointing runs in the dimension of the one who overcomes and raises the enemy to supernatural power. Gideon in Judges 6 strove to overcome the curse of poverty and free the nation from hunger and slaughter to economic oppression. In Judges 4 we find that Deborah was sitting in the position of a judge of the people. Anointing Deborah is a combination of a military guard, a judge, a prophet, and a mediator for Israel. The Ester mast gives the ability to stand in the position of influence and courage on behalf of the nation.

In Isaiah 45, King Cyrus is God's anointed servant for the purpose. What role does he expect from Cyrura's rule? "I will raise Cyrus to fulfill my righteous purpose and lead my actions. He will return my place and free my prisoners. "The Spirit of God fulfills the three-fold mandate with Cyrus: First, fulfill the mission of restoring the city of God to its former prosperity and peace, and the grease renews its prosperity. Cyrus is called to manage the treasures and treasures hidden in the darkness for the benefit of the people of God. Liberation of people from captivity The greed eliminates terror and threats and stops economic and political oppression Thirdly, Cyrus has the mandate to restore God's house The house is where people reside and find shelter The reconstruction of God's house talks about the protocols of a just life that find their manifestation through the complex architecture of the physical structure from the foundations to the roof. The reconstruction of the nation speaks of the restoration of fair living standards for those who call their people home. People must live in cities that are led by justice, truth, fair and fair economic and judicial systems to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Cyrus is the kind of Christ. In Isaiah 9: 4, the lack of Christ is first broken, the yoke of economic and political slavery. Second, lubrication brings freedom by lifting a heavy burden from the shoulders of God's people. Third, lubrication ended violence, oppressive power, and ruled. Christ's government is based on justice and justice. Thus, people are glad because they have been restored to their former glory and prosperity.

Helping Elijah moves in the kingdom of supernatural power and the miracle of God by raising back the dead. The spirit of Elijah runs to restore national prosperity and economic security when hunger, drought and hunger are a threat to the people. Elijah's lubrication provoked the leaders of the nations to take action against the forces of destruction and death by building 12 government stones, which are the fundamental pillars of the nation. Indeed, the nation, surrounded by hunger, poverty, starvation and illnesses, is certainly on the highway of death.

Six times government credentials Letter of Suppression

In Revelation 5: 6, the seven spirits of God are sent throughout the land to attain the divine mandate. The mandate of God's government stems from the protocols. There are various functional manifestations of the Spirit of God that are available to carry out the government service for the nation. They teach us and teach us about protocols that refer to the kingdom of the thrones of God in heaven, which must be shown on earth. After all, strengthening the power of people through the protocols of wisdom, power, knowledge, counseling and perhaps leading to the establishment of God's government or his kingdom on earth. They represent our trusted letters that recognize us on the king's backyard as fitted, mature, empowered and authorized sons of God, because they have the sign of the Spirit with the sign. Does man have enough power, wisdom, and knowledge to testify that the emperor is a ruler? Without the Spirit of God, who witnesses and confirms our credentials, he has no authority or power to leave or reveal the Kingdom of God on earth. The Spirit of the Lord gives us the mandate for position, power, power, and power to bring God's government out of heaven and bring us to the earth.

Isaiah's prophet describes the shooting that will squeeze out of the trap of the ruling family Jesse. This comes from the ruling family, Jesus and the Lord's Spirit dwell in it and approve it with a six-letter letter of credit. The lubrication function, as described in Isaiah 11: 1-5, meets the government's mandate. In Jesus, we find six functional manifestations of the Spirit. "Out of the traps of David's family, shooting will be born-a new branch that carries fruit from the old root. And the Spirit of the Lord will remain on him-the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and power, the Spirit of knowledge and fear before the Lord."

1) The spirit of knowledge
In the book of Daniel, we find four young expelled Hebrew boys who raise the position of leader in the Persian kingdom. In order to become official representatives of the Persian Empire, these guys must fulfill the required government credentials that will be presented and accepted by the King. Among these requirements knowledge and understanding is necessary to represent the Persian Empire. But the Spirit of God gave them extraordinary abilities to understand every aspect of literature and human wisdom in order to serve the supreme plan that goes beyond Persian political ambitions. In Daniel 1:20 it was said that "whenever the king consulted them in every matter requiring wisdom and a balanced judgment, he was found ten times more capable than any wizard and magician in his entire kingdom." By the way, magical, occult knowledge or astrology simply touches Satan's knowledge for counseling that governs human affairs.

Among these boys, God gave Daniel extraordinary abilities and filled it with divine knowledge and understanding. He was full of insight, gifted with interpretation of dreams, he explained puzzles and solved difficult problems. In short, Daniel entered the royal service to be in a position of leadership in the name of the Persian king. The spirit of excellence assigns a leadership position to serve the people. The spirit of knowledge is the highest form of knowledge that operates beyond human abilities. Human or intellectual knowledge is physical knowledge and as such is the smallest form of knowledge. The highest dimension of knowledge and understanding is spiritual knowledge. In 2 Kings 6:17, the prophet Elisha prayed to God to open his servant's eyes to gain knowledge outside the physical world to see that the slope around them was filled with horses and fiery carts ready to fight for them.

John 1: 48 for us this level of knowledge in the spirit. While Nathanael approached Jesus, Jesus did not waste his time to discover the true identity of Nathanael. Nathanael asked Jesus, "How do you know me?" Jesus gave evidence that he can see in spirit before physical sensation confirms the tangible event of the event. Jesus showed Him the Spirit of knowledge that rested him: "Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you." Only the Spirit of God can see what people can not perceive with their intellectual knowledge and academic credentials. We need a measure of the unlimited divine vision to know that peoples rule over human limitations and understanding.

2) The spirit of wisdom
Wisdom is reflected in various forms, circumstances and expressions. Wisdom is "know-how" or power to choose the best and highest goal. It is the ability to form the perfect ends to achieve perfect means. Therefore, wisdom does not work without knowing all the facts that relate to any plan or purpose. Wisdom must be with the skills in designing the design and effectiveness to perform it to fulfillment. Wisdom can be found in professional workplaces, in companies, politicians, etc. Bezalel in Exodus 31: 1-5 is one prototype of wisdom in workmanship designed to serve his people. "I have chosen Bezalel the son of Uri, the grandson of Hur, from the tribe of Judah, and I filled him with the Spirit of God, and gave him great wisdom, skill and knowledge in all kinds of crafts. He is the chief master, expert in work with gold, silver, and bronze. is qualified to engrave and assemble precious stones and cutting timber. "

In the 1st Moses. 39, we find that Joseph was governing government affairs because of the Spirit of God in him. In Potiphar's house, Joseph performs an administrative function in order to achieve success and growth in his economy. In the house of Pharaoh, the Spirit of wisdom was set up by Joseph in charge of the king's courtyard in order to fulfill the position of leadership for the nation. Assisting Joseph moves the national economic shortage to abundance and prosperity. Most importantly, King Solomon is the most important demonstration of the Spirit of Wisdom, which proved to be on the Earth to the point where he was recognized as the wisest man ever to live on earth. Because of Solomon's wisdom, Israel, as a nation, became successful, secure and ruled by justice. The spirit of wisdom allows us to judge, bring righteousness to the people and restore the divine order and authority on earth. In Luke 1: 17, Jesus was told that he would "go before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn his children to the heart of the fathers and the disobedient wisdom of the righteous." People are ready to enter the government of God when the divine authorities submit to the restoration of public order and order in the state by the human authority. We agree that God will guide us when we are led, and our obedience gives wisdom to God.

3) The spirit of fear before the Lord

The fear of the Lord has nothing to do with some emotional customs and trembling before the Lord. This is associated with great fear and I ask the inspirational presence of God's Majesty, domination, and might. In God's presence we have been annulled because of the presence of the Spirit of fear before the Lord, which manifested itself throughout the throne of God. The fear of the Lord teaches us how to obey and refer to God's presence, holiness, intimacy, respect, honor, and justice. The fear of the Lord is all about bringing God's order, responsibility, honor, and divine respect on earth. Obedience is a direct line connecting the ambassador with his government. The ambassador has no personal opinion, but only speaks and speaks what his government says. That is why he was talking about Jesus, who found joy in respecting and fulfilling the will he sent. Because of the fear of the Lord, we become responsible for who God is around us and in everyday interaction with people. Fear of the Lord brings honor to the Divine Name. Job 28:28, so he elegantly put it: "Behold, the fear of the Lord is wisdom, and departure from evil is understanding." The walk of the Spirit is related to the obedience of God, just because we are not obedient to the governing principles of the desire of meat , but lead us holy people in order to avoid sin, without fear of the Lord, we work without the divine order and fall into nonsense. "Wisdom is based on fear before the Lord." Psalm 111: 10 shows that "the fear of the Lord is the foundation of fundamental wisdom. who adhere to his commandments will grow in wisdom. "Obedience to God's laws stems from the fear of the Lord that God's people put us. "How glad are those who fear the Lord and rejoice in the observance of his commandments, and their children will be successful everywhere, the whole generation of divine people will be blessed. They themselves will be rich and their good deeds will last forever." Psalm 112: 1

4) The spirit of understanding

The spirit of understanding enables us to decipher visions and revelations, and perceive and rule in the kingdom. In Ephesians 1: 18 Paul sends believers to gain spiritual understanding. Paul is concerned about believers who continue to go into the spiritual dimension of knowledge and understanding. Therefore, pray for the gift of the spirit of understanding, so that the eyes of our understanding will open up. Our understanding has spiritual eyes. Revelation 3.18 recommends that our eyes be looked at to see. Only knowledge is not enough, we need understanding to preserve and maintain what we achieve. Actually, Proverbs 3:19 emphasizes that "the Lord was founded on earth by wisdom and with the understanding He set up the heavens." Without understanding what we achieve, he sits on the submerged ground. Divine understanding gives us the ability to look beyond the temporary action of creativity and achievement to adapt it to a higher goal.

5) Spirit of counselor
The consultant refers to the concept of steering to avoid bending from the path. The spirit of the counselor teaches us how to take advice from heaven to solve questions and reduce God's instructions on earth. It helps us stay on the right track. As such, the counseling association is linked to the supernatural knowledge of God's will, personal instructions, warnings, instructions or decisions to be taken in a given position. As Isaiah 44: 26 reminds us: "I am the Lord who confirms the word of his servant and fulfills the world of his messengers." The Spirit Advisor function is to advise, guide and help us. King David in Samuel 7 planned to build a temple for the Lord. But God sent Nathan the prophet to turn him away from this design. In God's plans, Solomon's son, David, would be the one who built the house of God. God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Similarly, in Romans 1:10, we find how Paul often planned to travel to Rome, but the Spirit prevented him. The adviser's spirit prevented Paul from going to Rome at this moment. In Apostolic Parts 16: 67 the Holy Spirit prevented Paul from preaching the gospel in Asia. In the Macedonian vision, Paul was instructed to quickly bring the word from Asia to Europe.

6) Spirit of power and power

The term "geburah" in Hebrew refers to power, power, power, mastery, force. The spirit of power strengthens us in the position of domination, so that in difficult circumstances we do not give up and remain immovable. The Spirit of Power helps us to reveal God's power and authority on earth. It is impossible to lead a war in the spirit without being equipped by the Spirit of the team and power. The spirit of power and power enables us to assume us as the ruler and government ministers of God on earth. In Judges 13:25 we see that Samson manifests supernatural power and power over human power by anointing the Spirit of power on it. Acts 10:38 clearly associates the power that works throughout the service of Jesus, with the presence of the Spirit. Jesus is able to control the miracles and raise the dead because of the Holy Spirit in him. "And you know that God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power. Then Jesus went to the good and healed all those who were oppressed by the devil because he was God with him."

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