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Kaj-App: The new virus infects the virus


IT security experts warn of a new virus that attacks WhatsApp and other popular applications. Already 25 million devices have been infected with the "Agent Smith" virus.


(Photo: image alliance / dpa) in English points to the new "Agent Smith" virus that infects Android devices and popular applications such as WhatsApp. So far, 25 million devices have been infected around the world, especially in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. But devices in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States are already infected with the virus. It seems that until now German users of Android are safe from the virus.

Agent Smith is hiding as a regular application that can be downloaded to third-party applications stores, such as "9 Apps." These are, for example, for free games. If the virus is on your smartphone, it scans your device for popular applications such as WhatsApp. If "Agent Smith" finds one of these applications, it will target them.

In the second step, "Agent Smith" replaces the corresponding applications with a copy. The virus exploits more vulnerabilities in Android and users do not get their smartphone infected. A copy of the malicious application will then spam users with fraudulent ads.

This way you can protect yourself

You can only download applications from trusted sources, such as the Google Play Store or App Store, and not other third-party applications, such as 9Apps.

If you have malicious software or a virus on your phone, you can do the following:


Go to Settings and select the "Apps" item. Then, move to a suspicious or malicious application and remove it. If you are not sure which application contains the virus, for security reasons, delete all recently installed applications from your smartphone, especially if you have downloaded them from a third party.


Go to settings, find Safari and select the "Block popups" setting. Go to "Advanced Settings", click "Site Information" and delete unknown websites.

For security reasons, scan the virus on your smartphone. Our technique recommends, for example, Free AVG Antivirus 2019 application.

AVG Virus on Google Play

(Source: Check Point: "Agent Smith": a new virus for high-speed mobile devices)

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