Thursday , May 13 2021

Coronavirus in Israel: 70% of people over the age of 16 have been stung

More than 70% of Israeli citizens over the age of 16 have been vaccinated, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said on Tuesday. A total of 4,456,000 people were vaccinated, of which 3,076,000 also received the second dose. Israeli Defense Forces. The IDF reported on Tuesday that the vaccination campaign is over and expects about 85% of all military personnel to be vaccinated in the coming weeks, Israeli media reported. News of the rising vaccination rate came amid a dwindling infection, however, as the coronavirus cabinet is expected to discuss regulations for the upcoming Purim holiday on Tuesday, when the Jewish people traditionally celebrate with big parties and lots of food. “Mass celebrations of infections are planned there,” the minister said. “Therefore, we will work to introduce a night curfew and significantly reduce public transport on Purim Day.”

“The instructions were written in blood,” Edelstein said. “Keep them!” The cabinet is examining a set of rules that would limit meetings to keep the infection from spreading again. It is still unclear whether these restrictions will be applied at national level or will focus on “red areas” with a high rate of infection. According to reports, Blue and White and Shas plan to target only areas with the highest levels of infection, known as bright red areas. There are currently 58 of them across Israel. As Edelstein mentioned, there is a night curfew on the table that would be introduced from Thursday to Sunday around sunset. If introduced, people would probably be restricted from 8pm to 5am and would be banned from traveling 1000 meters from home for non-essential purposes. Public transport would also be limited. In the past, health officials have said night curfews have been largely ineffective, but in a case like Purim, where special night meetings are expected, such a move is encouraged by experts. “Curfew is expected to limit activity both inside homes and at parties,” Health Department Director General Chezy Levy said in an interview with Channel 12 on Monday. “We know there has been a noticeable increase in pre-party alcohol purchases.” prof. Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute posted on Twitter. that there are now 77% fewer coronavirus cases among people aged 60 and over, including 65% fewer seriously ill and 63% fewer deaths. In addition, there are 68% fewer cases among people aged 55-59 and 54% fewer cases under the age of 54.

During the interview, Levy confirmed that Israel “is noticing a decline in morbidity rates.” But he said the state must act with caution. “But God forbid we should play again with a high morbidity rate, increasing the reproduction rate and stopping the quarantine exit. There is a Passover at our door that we want to celebrate properly,” Levy told Channel 12. 4,677 people were diagnosed with the virus on Monday, the health ministry reported on Tuesday morning. Of these cases, 797 were dealt with in serious condition. The death toll was 5,604.

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