Bruce Dickinson on rock and rolls: "If we are already introduced, I will reject"



Bruce Dickinson he blew up again Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, who says he is "really happy" IRON MAIDEN has not yet been introduced.

Although artists are entitled to Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of the first album or individual, iconic hard rock and metal groups such as MAIDEN, JUDEZEV PRIDIGAR in MOTÖRHEAD have not yet recognized the institutions, which prompted it PIŠTOLE AND VEGETABLES in the first year of entitlement.

Dickinson wrote the previous month when he mentioned Rock Hall as a "complete and complete burden with oneself" during a conversation in Australia that insists the Cleveland-based institution "was run by night-time bloody Americans who would not know rock and roll if they hit them in the face. "

On the question of Jerusalem's law about his Rock Hall comments, Dickinson he said: "It was so disturbing because they took a statement from the context that I think I was angry that we were not in Hall of Fame.

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"I'm very glad we are not there and we would never want to be there," he continued. "If ever we are forced, I will refuse – they will not have blood to have my body in there.

"Rock and roll music does not belong in the Mausoleum of Cleveland," Bruce added. "It's a living thing, a breathing thing, and if you put it in a museum, then it's dead. It's worse than terrible, it's vulgar."

Dickinsonbreed Steve Harris, said "Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon" in the last month, that he does not care if he is IRON MAIDEN will eventually be introduced in Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. "I really do not think about being honest. I think the rewards are things that are nice to have when you get them, but that's not something you really are striving for – it's not about it," he said. . "It's never been about this. I always try to listen to good music and go and play live shows, and that's true, hopefully people will appreciate it. It's probably nice when people give you rewards – it's not a mistake I'm wrong, I think it's great – but this is not something you would lose sleep if you do not have any.

"That's how I am," Harris added. "I do not know, maybe other guys [in the band] maybe they think differently about me, but I think so. It's not that I'm not interested [awards]. Just … And that does not mean that they are not important to you when you are do it Come on – nice. But it certainly does not worry or something like that. I think that other people are those who make him a bigger deal, whether we have one or not. "

Since they have been eligible for induction since 2005, IRON MAIDEN is one of the largest groups on the planet. Since the release of their self-titled debut album, British heavy metal legends released a further 15 full-length studio records and sold over 100 million copies.

Rock Hall the rules stipulate that artists become eligible for a quarter of a century after releasing the first records, but hallway It also claims that other criteria include the influence and significance of artist's contributions to the development and preservation of rock 'n' roll, which is, of course, open to interpretation.

Since 1999 he has been eligible for induction, POLJUB did not receive the first nomination by 2009 and was finally introduced in 2014.

THEATER VIOLENT he was entitled to Rock Hall since 1993, but they have not been enforced until 2016.

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