Bennett, Shaked expects to resign, pull Israel to an early election


Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked are expected to resign on Monday morning, exacerbating the government and leaving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu without a chance,

According to Yisrael Beyten, Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation from the government,
Bayit Yehudi has demanded from the defense portfolio of party president Bennett and threatened to leave the government if demand is not met.

On Sunday night, Netanyahu held a press conference and announced he intends to keep the defense portfolio, with the ball at Bennett's court.

Minister of Justice Shaked, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Education Bennett

Minister of Justice Shaked, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Education Bennett

On Sunday, Shaked set an ultimatum for the prime minister: security or elections. "At this point, unfortunately, the government is no longer a right-wing government," she said.

"The only justification for the government's continued existence until November 2019 is that Bennett will carry out a security revolution to return the deterrent to Israel that has been lost in Lieberman over the last two years and to help repair a serious crisis of confidence in the defense establishment. the election to establish a new right-wing government led by Netanyahu, while Bayit Yehudi is a strong party in its right, so we could finally vote on the right and get the right. "

However, sources close to Netanyahu said that the prime minister was not ready to capitulate to Bennett's demands. Senior Likud officials said, among other things, that Netanyahu did not rule out Bennett's defense portfolio in the future, but first he wanted the Minister of Education to remain in government without conditions.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo: AP)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: AP)

Netanyahu met with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on Sunday night to persuade him to stay in government.

After this meeting, Netanyahu announced that he would maintain a defense portfolio, which will make Bennett and Shaked a press conference at 10:30 on Monday.

Bennett spoke to political officials in the coalition on Sunday evening and told them he intends to resign following Netanyahu's decision not to appoint a defense minister. According to these officials, Bennett intends to vote for the dissolution of Knesset on Wednesday "as a member of the Knesset and not as a minister."

Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel, a member of the Tkum faq in Bayit Yehudi, said on Monday morning that he and his colleague MK Bezalel Smotrich backed Bennett's demand for a defense portfolio, adding that if Bennett decides to resign from his government, his the faction had a special decision to decide whether to join the leader of the Bayit Yehudi.

Tourism minister Yariv Levin, a close associate of Netanyahu, told Sunday's meeting with members of the Kahlonian party Kulan and Bennett's party Bayit Yehudi that "the government's resolution will be irresponsible, both at the level of security and by reducing the right-wing government."

Netanyahu is expected to announce the appointment of ministers in the coming days. The Prime Minister, who decides to preserve the defense portfolio, will have to give up to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He promised her two ministers: Gilad Erdan and Yisrael Katz. But in an effort to avoid doubts between two ministers, he tends towards the third candidate: Yuvalu Steinitz.

As for the Ministry of Immigration, sent by a member of the Yisrael Beyten Sofa Landver group, Netanyahu is considering giving it to deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovelj, who promised to him that at the first opportunity the minister will entrust the minister with the first opportunity.


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