Women publish photographs of their jackets to protest the victim of guilt in cases of rape


Women in social media publish photos with #ThisIsNotConsent after a lawyer told the jury that he is considering a teenage teenage teenage teenage girl during a rape attempt.

The "This Consensus" campaign triggered a case in Cork County, Ireland, where a 27-year-old man was released from rape after solicitor Elizabeth O'Connell relied on 17-year-old victims of trousers.

Ms Ruth Coppinger has held a pair of leggings in the Irish parliament to protest the victim's guilt over rape.

Women publish photographs of their jackets to protest the victim of guilt in cases of rape (Picture: Twitter)
The #ThisIsNotConsent campaign comes after the lawyer told the jury that he is considering teenage teenage lace during a rape attempt (Picture: Twitter)

Hundreds of people donated their underwear to support the campaign.

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One wrote beside her red underwear: "Ladies, get your hats. Here are mine.

"The 27-year-old man in Ireland was not guilty of rape for 17 years, and her underwear was used in court as evidence of consent."

Another said, "Ladies, make sure you shop in the section" Less likely to get caught "in your local Victoria's Secret. People referring to a young woman underwear as a credible cause for their rape are terrible. "

Ruth Coppinger also gave her an image of her Twitter (Picture: Twitter)

Third added: "The garment I choose to wear is almost entirely when I last put the wash and DO NOT express consent."

Lindsay Armstrong, who was only 17 years old when she took her life after being forced to show her underwear to the jury when she handed evidence against a 15-year-old boy who had raped her in 2002.

Lindsay's mother, Linda, supported a campaign supporting a similar case of a daughter and told Daily Record: "

"Lindsay's case had serious complications, and I thought things would certainly change, and progress would not have been made.

Women add hashtags This is not a consensus and does not count along with pictures (Picture: Twitter)

"We still have the same conversation in 2018. Maybe this will change this case, but I really do not know. I hope this will be."

Lindsay cried when she was forced to read the slogan on her belt, which she said "little devil".

Linda added: "Did they think she was" ready for it "because she was wearing tango? It's a shame that there are still people on the planet who think that."

The campaign triggered mass protests across Ireland (picture: PA)

Coppinger asked the question when the defender told the jury "you have to look at how she was dressed. She wore a tang with a lace in front" at the time of the alleged attack.

The 51-year-old Irishman, 51, pulled out a pair of sweatshirts in parliament last week and said: "It might be unpleasant to show a couple of sponges here in this incompatible Dailo.

"But the reason I do it: how do you think a victim of rape or a woman feels at the disadvantage of her underwear that appears on the court?"

She then turned to the Irish Prime Minister directly and asked, "How heroically should you be Taoiseach to attempt a rape in this country?"

Leo Varadkar responded with the words: "Nobody requires that he be raped, and never is the guilt of the victim, no matter what you wear, where you are going, who you walked with or what you took, regardless of whether for drugs or alcohol.

"No one who is a victim of sexual violence or rape is guilty of a crime committed against them, and I believe that any defense in these areas is completely unquestionable."

The campaign triggered mass protests across Ireland.

The people before the profit of TD Brid Smith told the crowd during a protest this week in Dublin that they have to organize and fight injustice.

She said: "In the courtroom we see that women's bodies are violated and that women feel guilty.

"The prejudice is in the very system, regardless of where you come from and who accuses you – there is a lack of right for women in this country.

"This is a nasty unjust system – why the government does not bring legislation to stop this in the court?"


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