Friday , March 5 2021

The treatment of women in Dublin will cost € 900 after a fake widow bite

The Irishwoman answered as she recovered from the false bite of a widow spider.

Sinead told RTÉ’s Liveline that she recently woke up with a mark on her arm that resembled a burn or blister, and then found it impossible because she had a lid on the hot water bottle.

She thought it would fade in a day or two, but the blister on her lower forearm flared into a very ugly bubble blister with pus inside and she didn’t even know it.

The pharmacist told her it was a spider bite. She wanted to avoid expensive medical fees, so she went to a health store and there they gave her something to fight bacteria. The label was not painful, but apparently very ugly.

Note that this picture is after antibiotic treatment and several weeks have passed.

In the end, she went to the doctor after Christmas, as he had not faded for more than 3 weeks, and ended up with a dermatologist at a private hospital, who informed her that it was indeed a spider bite.

Her dermatologist wants to do a skin biopsy on the bite, which will cost around 900 euros.

Apparently, there has been a high rate of spider bites in Dublin recently due to fake widow spiders.

Sinead sought the advice of other listeners who suffered from false widows.

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