The rising tide of violence in Irish sports fields


From terrible clashes on the field to wild attacks on judges from players and spectators, violence in Irish sport never seemed so controlled.

The bosses fear that it's just a matter of time before someone is murdered.

Football matches and GAA competitions throughout the country are infected by an outbreak of violence, and many serious attacks break children's games.

Only last weekend, the judge suffered serious injuries to the face, including a broken jaw and an eye in the Midlands game.

Daniel Sweeney was on Sunday at the football competition between Horseleap United and Mullingar Town in Horesleap when he attacked him in a three-pavilion car park.

Judge Daniel Sweeney

Now FAI is urged to introduce new measures to protect judges.

President of the Irish Football Judge Paul O'Brien said that violence against Irish Iraqi eyes was above judges and that Mr. Sweeney happy that he was not killed.

He said he is now urging the FAI to introduce a new respect for the judge's program and an educational campaign to address it.

Paul O'Brien, president of the Irish Football Referee

Mr O'Brien said: "We want to sit down with the FAI and examine all aspects of judicial decisions and see if this does not happen.

"There has been a steady increase in attacks over the past year. Perhaps not all are as violent as the attack on Daniel, but there are really no less.

"Attacks on judges over the past few years have become increasingly violent.

"Before you are verbally abused, now they are pushed to the floor, hit, hit and spit. We are grateful that Daniel was not killed in this incident."

Speaking about RTE last week, Mr Sweeney said that better security measures need to be put in place to protect judges.

Father-two said: "What I want to see from this is that a judge can go to the football field and feel safe and secure."

Daniel Sweeney in the picture showing his injuries

Mr Sweeney, who will require surgery after two weeks of surgery, is not the only one who has been violently attacked.

In August, referee Fergal Horgan was allegedly attacked and needed a Garde companion from the playground after he ran between Kilmoyley and Lixnaw.

The controversy began at the time of death when Mr. Horgan rewarded a penalty that was saved when he was blowing full-time.

However, he immediately changed, but the Chief Judge in charge of All-Ireland last year decided that he was left full time.

Kilmoyley's players, managers and supporters soon became angry and surrounded the referees, who ultimately led to the supervisors and the Garda was accompanied by Mr Horgaz from the playground.

GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship Semi Final Final, Semple Stadium, Thurles 8/8/2018 Clare vs Galway Referee Fergal Horgan

In the same month, Judge John O & # 39; Loughlin in Wexford claimed to have been attacked and remained on the floor towards the end of the hurling competition between Rapparees and Duffry Rovers in the junior championship.

In September, Derry GAA began the investigation after the spectator allegedly encountered Judge Damien Harkin when he tried to leave the game after a dispute between Greenlough and Ballinascreen.

The event at Derry's top club football championship was captured on camera.

And just last month, the Galway GAA authorities launched an investigation after a judge, cut by an angry spectator on the ground after a game between Milltown and Salthill / Knocknacarra.

Judge Muiris Mac Gearailt was on his way to the wardrobe in the area of ​​the Pearse Stadium tunnel when the incident occurred and the managers helped him.

Mr O'Brien said that in the last five weeks, six games have been abandoned due to the "interference" with the Dublin Leagues of twenty-six. He added: "This surpassed a little believer, this is an excitement.

"At a time when we are trying to keep judges, this type of incident will definitely not help us to recruit them.

"People who thought about this at half-time certainly came after seeing what happened to Daniel. There is a serious problem here and we have to deal with this. This is a turning point for us.

"If there is no change, we have to seriously think about where we get from here."

Currently, each player who attacks the referee automatically interrupts one year.

Mr O'Brien said that violence against officials is partially limited to commentators on TV games that do not think they are misusing their performances. He concluded: "Less respect for the judges and people take the law into their own hands.

"When you see some football programs and it seems that all the experts are in the game, the judge crashed the referees.

"When people see this, they take it as given, that it's okay to do the same, and that's just a springboard for what happened last week."

Increasing violence to "social identity"

Nollaig O & # 39; Sullivan

The top sports psychologist believes that increasing violence in sports against judges and other players is limited to "social identity".

Nollaig O'Sullivan, an accredited psychologist from the results achieved, said that there is no single solution to solve the problem.

Mrs O'Sullivan said: "In cases where a small number of supporters are behaving in violent behavior, the research emphasizes that the culprit might face a social identity.

"Social identity is if the individual concept of itself derives from membership in the appropriate social group.

"But with the emphasis on violence and aggressive behavior in sports research, there is not a single solution, as it is a broad and multifaceted area.

"Sports teams and organizations can focus on creating and maintaining a positive culture that comes from the top of the team ethos to supporters on the side.

"Role models are an essential part of any sports group, with a sample of the samples not only in the team, but in the fans it can affect the sports atmosphere and the environment."

Sullivan said that it is important that the emphasis on sport is fun and not violence.

She concluded: "Sports enjoys great joy, has a lot of psychological benefits from building trust, leading and effective communication and connecting with a culture that is safe and pleasant, it is now a key focus for sports."

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