President Michael D Higgins and wife Sabina represent U2 at the first concert in Dublin, 3Arena



The group will also perform the scene of tomorrow, Friday and Saturday as part of the Experience and Innocence tour

MICHAEL D Higgins attended tonight's first U2 concert in the capital.

The president and his wife, Sabina, presented themselves with rock stars Clayton, Bono, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr in Dublin, the 3Arena.

Michael D, who was recently re-elected, shared his photo on the background with his followers on Twitter.

Some of the songs on the list are a beautiful day, wild horses, dizziness, even better than the right thing, the summer of love, pride, the new year and the city of glittering lights.

The band will also perform on Dublin tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, as part of its Experience and Innocence tour.

Their latest tour began in Oklahoma in May and saw how boys play across countries and Europe.

Bono speaks to the crowds in Dublin

Lorraine O & # 39; Sullivan – The Sun Dublin

Bono speaks to the crowds in Dublin

Now they have a circuit with four big broadcasts in the capital.

Adam told Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio 1: "It's very exciting because at the end of four years travel around the world like minstrels playing our songs, so it's a real homeland for us to end up in Dublin.

"It's a great presentation to be all over the world. It seems to capture the imagination.

Group on stage in Dublin 3Arena

Lorraine O & # 39; Sullivan – The Sun Dublin

Group on stage in Dublin 3Arena

"The audience really kinda comes with us, they give it all and everyone seems to have a good time."
In the seven-month tour, the group played mostly in stadiums, which means that they had to adapt to the 3Areni.

Basist revealed: "There are a few issues with 3Arena that this is a slightly different configuration for most of the sports venues on which we played.

"So, at sports venues we descend down the arena and cut into two parts.

"Due to the installation of the 3Arene, the larger the size of the theater, so we have to put the screen to the balcony and this screen is longer than two meters from the one we made for innocence, so there were some people with sawmills and hammer and nails in order to cut out a few bits to get it, but we got it.

"A presentation that you would see in Berlin, from the large main stage to the middle circle on the other, that we can not do in the 3 Arena, so we need to put this round stage in the middle of the screen so it will work differently.

"But you know every time you change something like that there are dividends and something new appears."


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