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When you could not get enough of the first lap that happened this month, a new batch of fraudulent codes was discovered Red Dead Redemption 2 – and they pack the wall.

Red Dead 2

Together with Arthur Morgan with certain things in the game (for example, $ 500 instantly, in case you have to pay a prize or something like that), there is also the chance to increase your degree of Dead eye for better accuracy, and immediately update everything in the camp.

Of course, you will not be able to save the game when you activate it, so choose the smart one when you activate it. However, if you are curious or want to collect, enter the code here.

Stop the game and go to "Settings", then you will be able to see the fraudulent menu. Here you can see the codes that you have already entered and all the fraud codes that you want to activate. Press the triangle button and you will be able to enter the following codes into the codes below.

  • "Greed is now virtue" – you get $ 500 immediately
  • "Unconsciousness that is unconscious is not a virtue" – Increase your degree of honor (note: you need Blackwater Ledger No 67 to obtain this, which can be obtained by completing Banking, Old American Art mission)
  • "Balance. Everything is the balance." – Set your feeling back to neutral (Note: you need a new Hannover Gazette No. 27, which can be obtained by completing Chapter 1)
  • "You see, you are ashamed of your shame." – The lowest honor is available (Note: you need a new Hannover Gazette No. 27, cited above)
  • "Make me better." – Level 2 Dead-Eye
  • "I'll be better." – Level 3 Dead-Eye
  • "I'm still looking for more." – Level 4 Dead-Eye
  • "I am looking for and finding." – Level 5 Dead-Eye
  • "You will succeed before you die." – Immediately fill your health, stamina and eye color
  • "Find all the prizes of this place." – Increase your health, durability and immediate color
  • "Happy is stronger forever." – Get endless endurance (note: you need Blackwater Ledger 68 to activate what you can get by completing the mission "Dear Uncle Tacitus")
  • "Eating Knowledge". – Learn all the drawing recipes in the game
  • "My kingdom is a horse." Increase your bond with your horse
  • "Better than my dog." – Call your horse from anywhere, no matter how far they are.
  • "You want a view, but you can not see anything." – Shows the entire game folder. (Note: you will need Blackwater Ledger 66 or New Hanover Gazette No. 31, which can be obtained by completing the mission "Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern.")
  • "Parts". – Probably the simplest entry code, this gives you all the upgrades to the campsite.
  • "Abundance is the greatest desire." – It gives you complete ammunition. (Note: you will need November November Hanover Gazette No. 27, which you can see above.)
  • "Run! Run! Run!" – He gives you a racing horse
  • "Make your dream simple." – He gives you a wagon
  • "The best of the old ways." – He gives you a stuntman
  • "Let your dreams be bright." – He gives you a horse and a cart.

Enjoy these codes! Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Check out our review here!


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