Irish emigrants in Australia offered free flights to work in Ireland


Irish emigrants living in Australia have promised free flights by the employment agency if they return to vacancies in the health, pharmaceutical, construction, financial and IT sectors.

Australia was an optional destination for many young Irish emigrants after the collapse of the Celtic tiger in 2008. An estimated 100,000 Irish people have moved to Australia between 2008 and 2014.

Emigration reached the peak of a surge in recession in 2012, with 17,400 people moving from Ireland to Australia, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CSO).

Improved home economies and higher visa restrictions in Australia have seen the number drop dramatically. Last year only 5,300 people came to Australia from Ireland.

The number of people moving from Australia to Ireland over the same period has been gradually increasing, from 4,500 in 2012 to 7,200 last year.

The latest migration statistics from the civil society organization show that more Irish citizens returned to Ireland (28,400) from the left (28,300) in twelve months to April 2018. Although net internal migration is low, it seems important because the Irish economy reaches full employment .


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