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"I confess what you did to my child"


The mother of the murdered two-year-old Santine Cawley called for the confession of her girlfriend.

"I confess what you did to my child," Bridget's tears cried out, Doneghue.

"You took away the life of my child … at least give her the right that she deserved," she said in an interview published in the Sunday newspaper.

Ms. O'Goody, Donoghue, remembered how she kept her daughter's broken body when they turned off the machine to maintain her life.

"All I could think was that my wonderful little kid was kicking around like a football."

The little boy, who was killed in Cork a week before, was buried last weekend, and those who visited the masses heard that a happy child, who always forced Mom to laugh and laugh, was a happy child.

Gardaí, who investigated the murder of a child, again informed the public for information.

In the early morning of July 5, they turned to people who were in Elderwood Estate or Boreenamanna Road to get in touch with them.

They called for those who had a camcorder or a clip from a mobile phone to make them available.

A woman who is not affiliated with Santino has heard the gardaí about the death of a child. She was released without charge.

Michael's father, Michael, found out that he was unconscious when he suffered several fractures of bones, cuts and abrasions in the Elderwood Park complex along Boreenmanna Road.

Bridget went to the hospital to see her daughter.

"When she brought her to me, she froze. She checked her heart, her heart vanished.

Flowers were laid outside the apartment where Santina died
Flowers were laid outside the apartment where Santina died

When I lifted it, the quilt fell, and then I saw bruises. The bruises were everywhere, all up and down on her feet, chest, all the way to her back.

The girl was buried after the funeral Mass at St. Mary and St. Mary Anne on Friday.

Bridget, who visited her daughter's tomb last weekend, said she saw Santina five days before the tomb and remembered how her girlfriend was full of happiness and life.

She said she could not describe a person who would kill a child.

"You should be evil, wicked person."

Mrs O & # 39; Donoghue said that Santina was buried with toys, which in her short life meant so much.

"We buried her with Barney's bear, a monkey, a truck, and her Pepo Pig. Santina was an angel – I did not want to be alone. "

Anyone with information who could help Gardaí in investigating the case should contact Anglesea Street at telephone number 021 452 200 or on the confidential Garda line at 1800 666 111.

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