Alfie Moon back with this Shock shock in today's EastEnders


Alfie is back from Spain, but where are Kat's boys?

There's a heart for Kat Slater in tonight's Eastern Europe, when Alfie Moon returns dramatically to Walford … but where are her beloved boys?

Kat is shocked when she gets a video call from Alfie and asks for a great favor. But, while her estranged husband's request remains unusual, Cat gets upset when a social worker visits Hayley and her baby.

EastEnders spoilers - Kat is about meeting Alfie

Kat wonders why Alfie sent her to a random hall.

Because she needed Hayley, Kat puts her worries on one side and focuses on helping … but when Alfie still calls Kat's phone, she is forced to cancel her calls and asks what is so desperate she has to talk to it's necessary.

Only when Kat calls him back to give Alfie instructions to the hall. Kat follows his request and goes to his chosen location – but for a shock in his life, when he arrives, only to find him when he is waiting.

Kat is stunned when she comes in contact with Alfie.

Kat is alarming that Alfie returned to London and did not tell her, while she first met for the first time in the first time when she first met, she has only one question that she wants to answer. Where are her children?

However, Kat's fall to see her boys are soon confused when Alfie reveals that they are not with him and are still in Spain. But, if he does not return with the children, what exactly is he returning?

Why did Alfie come back from Spain?

Alfie tries to explain everything to Kata, while struggling to understand, there is a big decision. Will she listen to what her ex-girlfriend is or will she go out before she has the chance to end?

With the secret that Alfie Hayley's child is still under cover, how long will it be before the truth comes?

Take a look at these scenes at night in Eastern Europe at 19.30.

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