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Wow! 10 thousand Indians become fake victims of FaceApp

[ad_1], Jakarta – FaceApp is popular with Indonesian netizens. But for madness there is a danger that threatens it if it is not awake because the application is now circulating Fake FaceApp called FaceApp Pro. What are the dangers?

According to the ESET research institute, more than 10,000 Indonesian people have been deceived by abuse. ESET explained that FaceApp fraud originated from advertising promotions on Youtube videos.

FaceApp Pro encourages free download of links on the site. They use a shortened download link that allows users to install various additional apps from Google Play.

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According to ESET researchers, this type of fraud is usually used to display ads, and shortened connections can cause users to install malicious software with one click.

On the basis of official information received The team On Tuesday (23/07/2019), Youtube became a reference software, if we search for the key words FaceApp Pro, it will create many video links. Based on statistics, many links point to the FaceApp Pro application.

Even worse, since July 19, 2018, 10,737 Indians have been clicked on the page and may have become the victim of counterfeit FaceAppa.

"When a victim clicks to install, anything can come inside smartphone users, including malware banking, ransomware, thieves of data and so on, "explained ESET.

According to IT consultant at Prosperita ESET Indonesia, Yudhi Kukuh, the virtual world has two opposing sides, which we find pleasing to be dangerous.

Based on experience, Hyon definitely interesting scammersand the greater the feeling, the greater the risk that the victims of fraud will fall, "Kukuh said.

Kukuh suggested that users every time you join a hype should not forget to follow the basic security principles, such as always downloading applications in the official sites that were provided.

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Before that, Kaspersky also found that the app infected users adware called MobiDash. Adware makes a simulation as if the application was not successfully installed.

Under such conditions, the application actually infects the device. According to Kaspersky's security researcher Igor Golovina, the counterfeit FaceApp has the potential to become more guerilla and lose victims in a short time. [NM/HBS]

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