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Working on a new game, Pokemon unites with Tencent


Pokemon Company in Tencent Collaboration. ( – After Intesa was with NetEase, Pokemon arrived in Tencent to work on a new game. What kind of cooperation did these gambling giants do?

Previously, Pokemon with NetEase worked on the Pokemon Quest game. Not only in China, this game is also deep in the world.

Not satisfied there, he reported that the Japanese company arrived on Tencent, who is also a giant in the game industry in China.

Daniel Ahmed, the analyst of the games industry, made this news via his Twitter account @ ZhugeEX on July 22, 2019 yesterday.

It was mentioned that Pokemon Company and Tencent will be working on a new Pokemon game. They were shown on TIMI Studio for their production.

TIMI Studio is also Tencent's main studio studio, which previously worked on its famous game. Like the honor of kings or arena of courage.

This studio also works on PUBG Mobile with PUBG Corp licenses and Call of Duty mobile from Activision.

Pikachu from Pokemon. (Comicbook)
Pikachu from Pokemon. (Comicbook)

This collaboration brings together Tencent's experience in mobile game work and the great pokemon. It will be presented later in China and around the world.

Pokemon The company itself is still part of Nintendo, which is trusted to manage the Pokemon franchise. A franchise that is global and has many fans.

Interestingly, this new game is not just present as a mobile game. Because Nintendo Switch will also be introduced, which is the basis for pokemon fans.

Later, Tencent opened vacancies for the position of creative director and producer of games.

Not in China, this position is open to listing in Los Angeles, California, USA. I state that the Western flavor gives this new game.

Pokemon Company in Tencent Collaboration. (Twitter / @ZhugeEX)
Pokemon Company in Tencent Collaboration. (Twitter / @ZhugeEX)

There is not much additional information about this new game. Let's wait, what kind of game is this Tencent and Pokemon company.

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