Two children were allegedly murdered in the pool


Report by Jambi Tribune Journalist Ryan Aidilphy Afriandi

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAMBI – Two boys were allegedly killed in a pool in Mayang District, District Kotabaru, on Saturday (November 17th 2013) afternoon.

According to information, both children died due to shaking. Then my mom attended the meeting.

However, this was rejected by the head of police in Kotabar, AKP Andi Zulkifli.

After his investigation, two sons were killed for drowning.

"Allegations, while two victims drowned in the pool," said ACP Andi Zulkifli, when he confirmed around 19:40 WIB.

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He said the incident occurred around 4:30 pm in WIB. Then two guys swam.

He was also unable to disclose the identity of both victims.

"We can not confirm this yet because the dead victim is still in shock," he said.

Both were now rushed to Sakiit Abdul Manap House, Mayang for treatment.

"Now they were victims at the hospital Abdul Manap," he said

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