Their style of lyrics was Vulgar, Verrell Bramasta and Natasha Wilona Cuek


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The love relationship with Verrell Bramasto and Natasha is often the target of remarked netizens comments. In particular, their style of slogan, which is often overly vulgarly pampered with intimacy.

Answering this, the oldest son of Venne Melinda claimed that he did not bother.

"It is certain that everyone has the right to express their thoughts, but so far they have not been disturbed and have no elements bullying, some verbal, just fine, we have our own views, "said Verrell Bramasta, when she met Natasha Wilona on Friday at Captain P Tendean Street in South Jakarta on Friday (November 16th).

Not only Verrell Bramasta, Natasha Wilona also claimed that she would not pay too much attention to the negative comments of Netizens about her style of dating.

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In addition, those who are most familiar with and live on relationships are themselves.

"Not really because they do not regulate our lives for them, but also those who know the truth, the nature of people, their partners," said Natasha Wilona.

Nevertheless, Verrell Bramasta prayed for netizens, who often negatively commented that he would be better and stop commenting on his life.

"This is not a physical period, so we are asking them to get their own happiness. It does not have to be filled with commenting on other people or life," Verrel Bramasta said.

If there are too many comments on netizens, usually both talk only about the matter personally.

"We are talking more about us two. At the beginning, yes, why is this true, but not too long," said Natasha Wilona.(*)


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