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The study showed the physical smell of males

illustration of male body odor

illustration of male body odor |

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Surveys of the latest scientific knowledge are interesting. Researchers have discovered that men who are still single have a stronger body odor than men who have a partner.

The challenge of having a uniform status is truly true and not always easy, starting with the family's pressure, the fight against loneliness, the number of friends who continue to decline, and self-confidence, which has gradually diminished.

Now a group of scientists adds a long list of losers because they do not have a partner when they publish findings that suggest that the male bodies of the body smell more than those who were acquainted.

Findings published in the juryl Frontiers in Psychology explained, the body smell was stronger in the group of men Jomla due to higher levels of testosterone.

Researchers at Macquarie University have recruited 82 heterosexual women to assess the body's scent and the face of men aged 18 to 35 years.

In experiments, the males have to push before women kiss under the armpits of their shirts.

The results showed that women assess the body odor in males from one to six on a scale of 3.5. Meanwhile, married men get three points.

Another interesting thing that the researchers concluded was that women thought that the faces of men who were scattered were actually more male than those who had a relationship and got married.

"According to the hypothesis about the body's scent, single men are stronger than married men. Their faces are also more masculine than those who already have partners," researchers wrote.

Researchers at Macquarie University have also analyzed the male scent from the point of view of food consumption.

Researchers say that human sweat in the armpit can actually provide information regarding genetic connections and health status.

These two things are considered important factors that contribute in the short and long term to the health and smell of the human body.

Foods rich in fruit and vegetables are still champions in terms of donating health benefits to the body. In addition, it is also good at creating a better flavor.

The study, led by Andrea Zuniga, tested whether fruit and vegetables were indirectly related to the body smell and the odor of sweat that did not bother people.

Male participants were asked to submit sweat samples and information on daily diet.

The participants then assessed the samples in several dimensions of affective, qualitative and psychophysical.

The result was that the researchers summarized that men who ate more vegetables and fruits had a sweating scent that did not spread acidic scent.

Participants who often ate meat and carbohydrates thought they had unpleasant body odors.

Therefore, for men who are still single, it is better to take a diet that is higher in the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

The goal, in addition to a healthy body, is to keep the smell of your body more comfortable at least for people in the immediate environment.

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