Tuesday , November 24 2020

The reason is that Indonesian coffee beans are more expensive than imported coffee

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The Indonesian Special Coffee Association (AKSI) or the Indonesian Special Coffee Association (SCAI) has revealed that the price of authentic Indonesian coffee is more expensive than foreign coffee.

SCAI President Syafrudin said some Indonesian coffee is produced by farmers who grow crops in areas that are difficult to reach or remote area.

“By paying a little more than we should, we are already supporting farmers. How difficult it is for coffee growers in Indonesia to grow crops and try to bring coffee from remote area to go into the realm of procedure, ”Kulak Kulik said in the Coffee Dialogue on coffee enjoyment on Saturday (Nov. 21).

In addition, Indonesian coffee, which has successfully penetrated the world market, tastes great compared to coffee in other countries.

“Many Indonesian coffees are entering the global market. It is the job of SCAI with coffee stakeholders to work together to encourage Indonesian coffee growers to improve the quality, quantity and market access for Indonesian coffee growers,” he added.

He did not deny that barriers still exist in the supply chain (supply chain) Indonesian coffee. Because in general, Indonesian coffee is grown by small farmers who have limitations and opportunities to develop products.

SCAI has stated that it will work with other stakeholders such as relevant ministries and institutions and Bank Indonesia (BI) to remove barriers in the coffee supply chain.

One of the efforts is to communicate with transport stakeholders and Indonesian coffee processors.

“We then teach coffee farmers how to behave and feel comfortable growing coffee so that they can produce good coffee, the supply chain continues and customers are satisfied, so they buy coffee from Indonesian farmers,” he said.

Indonesia is currently the seventh largest exporter of coffee in the world with an export share of 4.05 percent in 2019.

Indonesia is below Brazil with a market share of 14.02%, Germany 8.74%, Vietnam 7.80%, Switzerland 7.33%, Colombia 7.13% and Italy 4.88%.

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